Sexual Abuse in the Boy Scouts

Ineligible Scout Leaders

List of Ineligible Scout Leaders and Volunteers

Close up of Boy Scout uniform, showing the badges sewn into the sash. The name Boy Scout can clearly be seen, with a fireman helmet badge as the most visible badge being displayed.The Boy Scouts of America has long maintained a list of leaders and volunteers it deems ineligible to work with the organization. Many of those ineligible have been listed due to allegations of sexual abuse against children. If you or a loved one have been abused by a Scout leader or volunteer, even if it happened years or decades ago, please contact our attorneys using the confidential form on this page.

Survivors of sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts will not be silencedOur attorneys are listening. If you would like to learn how we use the civil justice system to hold scout leader, volunteers and troops accountable for their abuses, please contact us for a free, private consultation.

This site does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The names contained in this list are merely deemed ineligible by the Boy Scouts of America. The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise. Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.


Andrews, Zachary D. – Montgomery, Alabama
Atkinson, Bernard Colie – Alexander City, Alabama
Baker, Claiborne B. – Montgomery, Alabama
Brooks, Don – Theodor, Alabama
Giddens, Charles – Scottsboro, Alabama
Guerra, Vincent M. – Birmingham, Alabama
Holland, Ricky A. – Selma, Alabama
Lewis, Ricky L. – Daleville, Alabama
Little, Daniel Ray – Huntsville, Alabama
Marshall, John – Montgomery, Alabama
McDonald, Charles Jerris – Weaver, Alabama
Midgette, Benjamin Franklin – Mobile, Alabama
Partain, Ricky Carl – Birmingham, Alabama
Partain, Ricky Carl – Pinson, Alabama
Payne, Steven E. – Oxford, Alabama
Stabler, Lemmie Clyde – Birmingham, Alabama
Strickland, Bobby – Munford, Alabama
Swindel, George W. – Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Tate, Mark Christopher – Scottsboro, Alabama
Wilson, Willie Lewis – Valley, Alabama


Armstrong, Gerald T. – Juneau, Alaska
Burns, Kenneth A. – Edelson AFB, Alaska
Cavanaugh, Robert W. – Fairbanks, Alaska
Cottrell, Paul V. – Anchorage, Alaska
Dollar, Don H. – North Pole, Alaska
Feichtinger, Eric Frank – Anchorage, Alaska
Goodwin, Elmer – Kotzebue, Alaska
Lewis, Jerry Wayne – Homer, Alaska
Lopardo, Joseph R. – Eiselsen AFB, Alaska
Mapes, Jack C. – Fairbanks, Alaska
Rarick, Kenneth R. – Fairbanks, Alaska
Sinclair, Duane J. – Ketchikan, Alaska
Watson, Anthony – Palmer, Alaska


Beahm, Harley David – Tucson, Arizona
Blum, Jon Michael –  Phoenix, Arizona
Borg, David James – Sierra Vista, Arizona
Challberg, William J. – Phoenix, Arizona
Cummings, William S. – Tucson, Arizona
Edwards, William Reese – Prescott Valley, Arizona
Ellington, David Joseph – Phoenix, Arizona
Falk, Herbert Henry – Phoenix, Arizona
Fousse, George – Tucson, Arizona
Frederick, Lee – Phoenix, Arizona
Gonzales, Gilbert M. – Tempe, Arizona
Harper, Ralph R. – Tucson, Arizona
Judd, Larry Wright – Mesa, Arizona
LaBelle, Kenneth R. – Payson, Arizona
Lopardo, Joseph R. – Yacca Council, Arizona
McKinney, Ralph A. – Scottsdale, Arizona
McMacken, Dennis King – Flagstaff, Arizona
Paul, Les – Tucson, Arizona
Peabody, David W. – Phoenix, Arizona
Perdue, Barney A. – Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Sargent, Thomas George – Phoenix, Arizona
Sells, Wayne – Woodruff Arizona
St. Laurent, Ronald A. – Phoenix, Arizona
Taylor, Wylie Jonathan – Phoenix, Arizona
Vaughn, Miles S. – Tucson, Arizona
Webb, Eric Bruce – Tucson, Arizona
Wilbur, Frank – Tucson, Arizona
Wright, Harvey Dee – Flagstaff, Arizona


Agarand, Joseph A. – Bentonville, Arkansas
Bryant, Richard Dale – Little Rock, Arkansas
Calamia, Waverly T. – Little Rock, Arkansas
Cooper, William E. – Hardy, Arkansas
Huntzicker, Eugene – Blytheville, Arkansas
Massey, Leonard R. – Camden, Arkansas
Otts, Sam C. – Hot Springs, Arkansas
Wright, Clifford W. – Benton, Arkansas


Adams, Julian – Berkeley, California
Adams, William Dale Jr. – Chula Vista, California
Anglin, Clifford H. – San Diego, California
Ardrey, Richard H. – Riverside, California
Atwood, John – Orange, California
Atwood, John – Oxnard, California
Auleb, Robert Kenneth – Pacifica, California
Barkley, Owen Herbert – San Diego, California
Barrett, Robert Loius – Coronado, California
Barney, William – Union City, California
Bartholomew, Edward Bruce – Oxnard, California
Becker, Samuel J. – Canoga Park, California
Beers, Chris J. – Riverside, California
Blackwell, Terry – Lathrop, California
Blankenship, Wyman C. – Palmdale, California
Booth, Wayne Spowyer – Salinas, California
Boudreaux, Joseph D. – Santa Rosa, California
Boyd, John C. – Riverside, California
Brady, John L. – Vandenberg AFB, California
Branscomb, James O. – Willits, California
Brotherton, Daniel Ray – Cloverdale, California
Brown, Stephen IV – Van Nuys, California
Bryan, Charles Fl – Citrus Heights, California
Bryant, Charles – Fresno, California
Busher, Gary Edison – Riverside, California
Butler, George Sr. – San Jose, California
Buxton, James J. – Wonder Valley, California
Carpontier, Donald K. – Milpitas, California
Carson-Hull, Gary A. – Los Altos, California
Cates, David E. – Sacremento, California
Chrisman, Thomas Lorenz – Santa Monica, California
Chrisman, Thomas Lorenz – Beverly Hills, California
Chrisman, Thomas Lorenz – Westwood, California
Clark, Nathan Albert – San Jose, California
Coffee, Tommie E. – Oakland, California
Colbert, Joseph A. – Long Beach, California
Cope, William Burke – Dorris, California
Cowling, Billie Richard – Rio Linda, California
Cormier, Leo Adrien – Orange, California
Cox, Robert Edward – Livermore, California
Cusimano, Ross – West Covina, California
Day, Howard A. – Cerritos, California
Dessert, William P. – El Cajon, California
Dillingham, Edward – Pacific Palisades, California
Dohm, Charles Bert – Oakland, California
D’Ombrain, Nicolas Paul – Monterey, California
Doner, Paul A. – Carpenteria, California
Drake, Donald Clarence – Garden Grove, California
Dunlap, Alan Craig – Fresno, California
Dunn, Alan K. – Venice, California
Elton, William Francis – Philo, California
Enriquez, Nelson – South Lake Tahoe, California
Evans, Arthur C. – Idyllwild, California
Evans, Arthur C. – Riverside, California
Falk, Herbert Henry – Stockton, California
Field, Stephen D. – Fillmore, California
Field, Stephen D. – Santa Monica, California
Fields, Allen L. – Tustin, California
Fisher, Walter Lee – San Francisco, California
Fisher, Gail D. – San Mateo, California
Frazier, Jerry B. – El Cajon, California
Furness, Jayne A. – Arroyo Grande, California
Garver, Allen James – Oxnard, California
Gates, Roger – Arcadia, California
Gibson, W. Gideon – Armona, California
Graves, Gary Lester – Oroville, California
Green, William L. – Walnut Creek, California
Gomez, Emilio A. – San Luis Obispo, California
Graham, John – Barstow, California
Gray, Eugene W. – Los Angeles, California
Grossman, Alan H. – Santa Monica, California
Halferty, Robert E. – Davis, California
Hankin, Harvey S. – Napa, California
Hanigan, Kenneth L. – Modesto, California
Hansen, Jene Albert – San Lorenzo, California
Harding, Robert L. – Long Beach, California
Harper, Kim Morgan – Los Angeles, California
Harper, Kim Morgan – Buena Park, California
Hartley, Craig D. – Los Altos, California
Henson, Jerry – Desert Hot Springs, California
Hernandez, Paul F. – Santa Ana, California
Hicks, Charles Henry – Tulare, California
Holdsworth, William – Twentynine Palms, California
Hooper, George Richard – West Point, California
Houck, Joel Elisla Jr. – Compton, California
Hulett, James D. – Claremont, California
Howes, Douglas – El Sobrante, California
Humphrey, Richard E. – Chula Vista, California
Huntsinger, Richard Paul – Saratoga, California
Hurt, Richard Arlie – Santa Ana, California
Idle, Donnie Allen – Norwalk, California
Igling Jr., Harry Cecil – Napa, California
Immel, Kirk O. – California, California
Jefferson, Donald – Santa Ana, California
Jones, Lawrence Stephen – Carmichael, California
Jones, Charles M. – Norwalk, California
Jones, Hank A. – Sacramento, California
Jones, Harold Arnold – Richmond, California
Jones, Samuel L. – Los Angeles, California
Kabeary, Steven Monroe – Berkeley, California
Kelleher, John L. – Monterey, California
Kelly, Max C.W. – San Diego, California
Kennaday, Donald F. – La Crescenta, California
Keyes, David E. – San Jose, California
King, Willis Dale – Santa Paula, California
Kinsler, Norbert M. – Ventura , California
Knarich, Curtis H. – Travis AFB, California
Knutson, Kenneth N. – Santa Barbara, California
Kredel, Robert E. – Irvine, California
Kuper, Edward P. – Moreno Valley, California
Kyle, Donald S. – Venice, California
LaBadie, Al – Huntington Beach, California
Lachica, Joel – Los Angeles, California
Lawrence, Charles Edward – Napa, California
Lawrence, Christopher – Hayward, California
Layman, Terrence Daniel – West Los Angeles, California
Leavitt, George William – Berkeley, California
Lee, Richard D. – Arroyo Grande, California
Lokken, Scott – El Toro, California
Marini, Mitchell Adrian – Hayward, California
Maddock, Terrance J. – Sacramento , California
Markinson, Craig – Daly City, California
Martinelli, Roderick Patrick – San Rafae, Californial
Martinez, James A. – Hacienda Heights, California
Marshall, Gregory – Tujunga, California
Martinelli, Roderick Patrick – San Rafael, California
Mathias, Craig – Saugus, California
Martinez, James A. – Hacienda Heights, California
McClure, John Allen – San Diego, California
McCormick, James – Baker, California
McCrery, Charles – Sunnyvale, California
McDonald, Leo Patrick – San Diego, California
McKinney, Melvin E. – Norco, California
Meadows, Daniel – Stockton, California
Means, Clyde H. – Imperial Beach, California
Meeks, Dan W. – Lodi, California
Metzger, Arthur Robert – San Diego, California
Metzger, Arthur Robert – Miramar, California
Meyer, Keith Dale – Long Beach, California
Miller, David Alden – Chico, California
Miller, Ken – Pacific Palisades, California
Moeller, David William – Anderson, California
Money, Malcom F. – Tulare, California
Montiel, Valente R. – Santa Ana, California
Montoya, Daniel – Long Beach, California
Morrison, Kevin Keen – Long Beach, California
Mumford, Jeffrey H. – Glendale, California
Mundy, Merlin Edward – Bonita, California
Nahodyl, James J. – Victorville , California
Nakanishi, Stanley J. – Fresno, California
Negrette, David Robert – Huntington Beach, California
Negrette, David Robert – Santa Ana, California
Nenno, Patrick William – Santa Monica, California
Newbery, William H. – Sierra Madre, California
Newville, Charles – San Jose, California
Ney, Robert Graham – San Jose, California
Nykamp, John Martin – Novato, California
O’Bryon, Jon Clifford – San Jose, California
Olson, John Norman – Sacramento, California
O’Neal, Carlisle J. – Atascadero, California
Oliver, William – Imperial Beach, California
Pace, Norman James – Long Beach, California
Pease, David B. – Sacramento, California
Peat, David A. – Galt, California
Peterson, Victor James – Encinitas, California
Pfanstiehl, Alfred – San Diego, California
Phillips, David W. – Yorba Linda, California
Pike, Thomas J. – Redlands, California
Pilkington, Gregory Alan – Fair Oaks, California
Polinski, Albert A. – Salinas, California
Pugh, Henry – Modesto, California
Pugh, Ronald Kelly – Lathrop, California
Pyhala, Verner – San Diego, California
Ratliff, Garth E. – Santa Barbara, California
Reade, Gordon – Palo Alto, California
Reed, David A. – Wonder Valley, California
Reid, Samuel Lynn – San Jose, California
Rincon, Ed – Garden Grove, California
Robb, Charles William – Davis, California
Roberts, William E. – Vacaville, California
Roberts, John F. – Marysville, California
Rogers, Paul Denton – Avila Beach, California
Rosen, Donald – Pasadena, California
Roseveare, Melvin F. – Menlo Park, California
Salyers, R. Glenn – Salinas, California
Schaeffer, Richard A. – San Diego, California
Schauer, Donald J. – Petaluma, California
Schlieper, Ronald D. – Concord, California
Schult, Dennis Walter – Chatsworth, California
Scott, Walter D. – El Toro, California
Scott, Rex – Lake Elsinore, California
Serra, Sergio – Salinas, California
Shaffer, Richard W. – Indio, California
Shaver, Fremont – Vista, California
Silvius, Edward George – Davis, California
Simmons, David M. – Livermore, California
Smith, Bruce C. – Alta Loma, California
Smith, Bruce C. – Ontario, California
Smith, Carl D. – Lancaster, California
Smith, Edward Troy – Sunnyvale, California
Smith, Edward Troy – San Jose, California
Slattery, Scott R. – Cerritos, California
Smith, Robert – Redwood City, California
Smith, Paul Gilbert – Santa Rosa, California
Sowers, Thomas – San Jose, California
Spalding, Carl P. – Vallejo, California
Sparks, Jerry Lee – Sacramento, California
Spencer, Rex Harrison – Anaheim, California
Stahl, Mark E. – Jamestown, California
Stark, Rodney F. – San Diego, California
Stark, Rodney F. – Julian, California
Steelmon, Kenneth – Westminster, California
Stenger, Richard C. – Menlo Park, California
Stevens, Gary James – Hemet, California
Sullivan, Herbert Lewis – Santa Barbara, California
Swasey, James Albert – Rio Vista, California
Taff, James David – Downey, California
Talt, Richard William – Hollywood, California
Tampico, Jonathon – Livermore, California
Taylor, Robert – Anaheim, California
Tercey, Judith A. – San Diego, California
Tercey, Franklin K. – San Diego, California
Terflinger, Gerald E. – Long Beach, California
Thomas, James G. – San Anselmo, California
Thomas, Raymond L. – Auburn, California
Thomas, Raymond L. – Roseville, California
Turley, Richard J. – Fountain Valley, California
Turner, Robert S. – Walnut Creek, California
Ulvilden, John Rainhardt – Garden Grove, California
Ungles, Warren K. – Santa Susana, California
Van Dyke, Larry – Gardena, California
Vaughn, Charles S. – Pamona, California
Verloop, Mark – Santa Rosa, California
Von Aspern, Dean Ray – Murphys, California
Von Hovatter, Kurt E. – Orange, California
Ward, James Delma – Santa Monica, California
Walker, Charles – La Crescenta, California
Watson, Thomas Burton – Los Gatos, California
Webb, Norman R. – Garden Grove, California
Weeks, Raymond L. – San Diego, California
Wentworth, Ronald S. – Palo Alto, California
West, John Henry – Bellflower, California
West, Annabel – Bellflower, California
Wheeler, Daniel – Orange, California
Whitacre, Alfred Carl Jr. – Berkeley, California
Willey, Carleton Benjamin – Sacramento, California
Williams, Dane Allen – Martinez, California
Williams, Richard Hugh – Ukiah, California
Winthrow, Samuel Joseph – Santa Rosa, California
Wolfersteig, H. Richard – Santa Maria, California
Wong, Robert – San Mateo, California
Wood, Thomas R. – San Diego, California
Wood, Richard Edward – Van Nuys, California
Wright, Donald L. – El Toro, California


Bieber, Ray L. – Boulder, Colorado
Boone, David Lee – Castle Rock, Colorado
Cowan, Charles D. – Lafayette, Colorado
Danhauer, Gary D. – Salida, Colorado
DeRosa, Thomas A. – Colorado Springs, Colorado
Duncan, David Paul – Cortez, Colorado
Eddy, James R. – Pueblo, Colorado
Freeman, Steve – Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Gauthe, Richard James – Westminster, Colorado
Gauthe, Richard James – Denver, Colorado
Hall, Gerald J. – Denver, Colorado
Horton, Eldon – Dillon, Colorado
Howard, Harry – Ft. Collins, Colorado
Jacobson, Jack D. – Longmont, Colorado
Johnson, William H. – Brush, Colorado
Kracke, Nyle – La Junta, Colorado
Lenich, Alan M. – Colorado Springs, Colorado
Lister, Joe A. – Edwards, Colorado
Lopez, Gregory – Denver, Colorado
McAnally, Robert W. – Elbert, Colorado
McArthur, Theodore – Brighton, Colorado
McCallie, Ernest L. – Arvada, Colorado
Miller, Robert E. – Pueblo, Colorado
Mosher, David Eugene – Denver, Colorado
Mosher, David Eugene – Layfayette, Colorado
Nelson, Richard W. – Loveland, Colorado
Odya, Robert E. – Boulder, Colorado
Overholt, Dan S. – Las Animas, Colorado
Potter, Raymond – Longmont, Colorado
Rhoads, Marvin Leroy – Pueblo, Colorado
Rieb, Mark A. – Sterling, Colorado
Riste, Michael M. – Colorado Springs, Colorado
Robertson, James S. – Walsenburg, Colorado
Rowles, Reid A. – Colorado Springs, Colorado
Sonju, William V. – Colorado Springs, Colorado
Slusher, Floyd David – Boulder, Colorado
Spauling, Harry – Denver, Colorado
Stein, Michael D. – Longmont, Colorado
Steinbach, Robert Wyne – Denver, Colorado
Tolle, Daniel – Aurora, Colorado
Vincent, Matthew D.C. – Denver, Colorado
White, Neil Eldred – Pueblo, Colorado
Whittington, Douglas D. – Florence, Colorado
Wilber, Robert W. – Boulder, Colorado
Wells, James – Denver, Colorado


Alpren, Larry K. – New Haven, Connecticut
Babyak, Donald R. – Greenwich, Connecticut
Bishop, David A. – Southington, Connecticut
Carroll, Edgar A. – East Hartford, Connecticut
Cseripko, Michael J. – Nagatuck, Connecticut
Curtis, Robert – Darien, Connecticut
Dailey, David Hutchings – New Milford, Connecticut
Davenport, David Dirk – Madison, Connecticut
Drummond, Mark Gavin – New Hartford, Connecticut
Dubeau, Paul A. – Willamantic, Connecticut
Duncan, David Paul – Cortez, Connecticut
Dyber, James – West Hartford, Connecticut
Ellsworth, Dennis – West Haven, Connecticut
Fleming, Henry W. – Groton, Connecticut
Follett, David – New London, Connecticut
Fricke, Donald Leroy – Milford, Connecticut
Fowler, Richard – New Haven, Connecticut
Gagnon, Patrick – Fairfield, Connecticut
Hiller, John – Bridgeport, Connecticut
Hiltner, Richard Montgomery – Connecticut
Jennings, Edward Oscar – Branford, Connecticut
Johnston, Gary – Willimantie, Connecticut
Joynes, Arthur – Bridgeport, Connecticut
Kimber, Donald J. – Wolcott, Connecticut
LaBrecque, John Paul – Norwich, Connecticut
Lavoie, John P. – East Hartford, Connecticut
Martin, David C. – East Hartford, Connecticut
Martin, George – Brooklyn, Connecticut
Maule, David P. – Berlin, Connecticut
Mead, Alan D. – Mystic, Connecticut
Nabors, Gary Mitchell – Paso Robles, Connecticut
Nobert, Mark – South Meriden, Connecticut
Normandie, Lee F. – Willimantic, Connecticut
Olson, Edward B. – Stamford, Connecticut
Orr, George Frederick – Meridian, Connecticut
Robertson, James K. – Hartford, Connecticut
Wilson, David P. – Ashford, Connecticut
Schultz, Curtis F. – Wallingford, Connecticut
Schaefer, Paul J. – West Haven, Connecticut
Stone, William S. – Bantam, Connecticut
Thouin, Robert H. – Bridgeport, Connecticut
Wilson P. David – Connecticut


Burnett, Eugene Fred – Wilmington, Delaware
Bye, Robert N. – Wilmington, Delaware
Kissel, Gary Lee – Delaware
Owens, Robert – Newark, Delaware
Robbins, Eric D. – Newark, Delaware
Smith, Orttis Lloyd – Wilmington, Delaware
Sparks, Darrell C. – Willmington, Delaware
Zimmerman, William D. – New Castle, Delaware

District of Columbia

Hamblin, Bruce W. – Washington, District of Columbia
May, Michael – Washington, District of Columbia


Agee, Walter Franklin – Jacksonville, Florida
Aiken, David – Miami, Florida
Allen, David P. – Miami Beach, Florida
Allen, Girard H. – New Port Richey, Florida
Armstrong, Isaiah NMI – Ft. Pierce, Florida
Bailey, Jerry – Jacksonville, Florida
Baldwin, William Mark – Tampa, Florida
Bartel, Benjamin Reese – Bradenton, Florida
Beauregard, Albert W. – Gainesville, Florida
Becker, Donald Charles – Ft. Pierce, Florida
Bell, Ronald Edwin – Groveland, Florida
Bellavance, Donn T. – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Bernstein, Robert Bobby – Davie, Florida
Brier, Steven Vincent – Jacksonville, Florida
Brown, James H. – Lakeland, Florida
Brus, Antonie – Orlando, Florida
Bush, James – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Carroll, Joseph – Miami, Florida
Casanova, Nelson Enriquez – Maimi, Florida
Chamblee, John Thomas – Melrose, Florida
Chandler, Anthony S. – Coconut Grove, Florida
Chandler, Anthony S. – Miami, Florida
Chapman Anderson, Leonard H. – Jacksonville, Florida
Clark, Gregory M. – Opa Locka, Florida
Coe, Roger A. – Tallahassee, Florida
Conkey, Guy E. – Miami, Florida
Connell, Donald – Miami, Florida
Cook, Robert A. – Jacksonville, Florida
Copps, William J. – Opa Locka, Florida
Cox, Harvey A. – Babson Park, Florida
Curls, William C. – Fort Myers, Florida
Dewey, Robert L. – Kissimmee, Florida
Dickinson, Rodney W. – Lakeland, Florida
Draher, William – Miami, Florida
Eaton, Wayne Martin – Green Cove Springs, Florida
Edwards, Robert P. – Jacksonville, Florida
Edwards, Robert P. – Branford, Florida
Ewell, William Burton – Miami, Florida
Farar, Boyd – Gainesville, Florida
Flatt, Rodney G. – Lakeland, Florida
Foley, Warren Raymond – New Port Richey, Florida
Fuentes, Roland R. – Tampa, Florida
Garrison, Paul Eugene – Pensacola, Florida
Gates, James – Merritt Island, Florida
Gates, James – Paisley, Florida
Geller, Stewart Ian – Florida
Gibson, Joe N. – Clearwater, Florida
Godin, Walter Lee – Orlando, Florida
Gorski, Roy D. – Port Orange, Florida
Harford, Matthew Joseph – Miami, Florida
Hersey, Jake Gary – Palatka, Florida
Hicks, Patrick H. – Orange Park, Florida
Hicks, Patrick H. – Jacksonville, Florida
Hillebrenner, Eric – Orange Park, Florida
Iafelice, Frank – Pompano Beach, Florida
Jessop, Richard J. – St. Petersburg, Florida
Johnston, Charles D. – St. Augustine, Florida
Jones, James A. – Jacksonville, Florida
Jones, Thomas – Hawthorne, Florida
Jordan, Ronald Allen – Sarasota, Florida
George Jones – Gainesville, Florida
Jurek, Allen G. – Oviedo, Florida
Kees, James S. – Cocoa, Florida
Kees, James S. – Paisley, Florida
Kelly, Curtis A. – Jacksonville, Florida
Kerns, Robert Dale – Islamorada, Florida
Kikta, Joseph – Miami Springs, Florida
Kise, William S. – Orlando, Florida
Klecher, Anthony Charles – West Palm Beach, Florida
Knight, Richard Armour – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Konkel, George L. – Lawtey, Florida
Kostiuk, Terry Lee – Stuart, Florida
Kovatch, William J. – Plant City, Florida
Krause, David A. – Tampa, Florida
Laurita, Joseph A. – Miami, Florida
Liter, David C. – Pensacola, Florida
Loch, Michael J. – Lantana, Florida
Lockhart, John – Tallahassee, Florida
Lutz, Roger E. – St. Petersburg, Florida
Maitre, William J. – Wilton Manors, Florida
Manley, Mark – Margate, Florida
Mcgahee, Macclenny – Taylor, Florida
Metzger, Frank – Wilton Manors, Florida
Morgan, Andrew T. – Orlando, Florida
Morris, Alan Richard – Cape Coral, Florida
Needle, Howie – Iverness, Florida
Nolan, Gary – Davie, Florida
Nolan, Gary – Margate, Florida
Oconner, Robert Jake – Winter Springs, Florida
Oldroyd, Robert J. – Apopka, Florida
Oliver, Donald Duane – Safety Harbor, Florida
Pace, Roy K. – Seminole, Florida
Pace, Marc Steve – Deltona, Florida
Patton, William John – Florida
Pawlowski, Arnold Lee – Jacksonville, Florida
Perkins, Herman Myles – Seminole, Florida
Peterson, Russell S. – Ocala, Florida
Prentiss, William C. – Orlando, Florida
Ramer, Duane Leigh – Hialeah, Florida
Raulerson, Joel Emmett – Avon Park, Florida
Reeves, Gerald R. – Miami, Florida
Rivera, Alfred A. – Jacksonville, Florida
Rivers, John T. – Jacksonville, Florida
Roche, Rick – Tampa, Florida
Rotz, Ronald Charles – Winter Park, Florida
Rowe, Laverne B. – Hilliard, Florida
Scharfchwerdt, James H. – Vero Beach, Florida
Schoenfeld, Irving – Miami Beach, Florida
Schuyler, Seth S. – North Miami Beach, Florida
Slocum, Jesse James – Bnranford, Florida
Smith, William D. – Melbourne, Florida
Somervell, Gardiner Stanton – Key Largo, Florida
St. Germain, Rene M. – Eglin AFB, Florida
Stafford, Ernest Allan – Pompano Beach, Florida
Stewart, Eddie Joe – Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Stiefel, Ronald K. – Palatka, Florida
Strauss, Ronald – North Lauderdale, Florida
Tiffany, Harrison V. – Edgewater, Florida
Townsend, Robert Clayton – Lake City, Florida
Trombley, Dale Virgil – Bradenton, Florida
Tusing, Clifton Russell – Bushnell, Florida
Urig, Charles J. – Ft Lauderadale, Florida
Van Kleeck, Glen A. – Juno Beach, Florida
Vickers, William F. – Cocoa, Florida
Wade, Jim – Port Charlotte, Florida
Wagner, Robert – Merritt Island, Florida
Walker, Exum D. – South Daytona, Florida
Walker, Jim R. – Flagler Beach, Florida
Wall, Charles Vernon – Clearmont, Florida
Warren, Thomas R. – West Palm Beach, Florida
Watson, Harry R. – West Palm Beach, Florida
White, Emmett – Rockledge, Florida
Young, Anthony L. – Leesburg, Florida


Baird, Rupert M. – Albany, Georgia
Barrett, Mike L. – Smyrna, Georgia
Blaine, B. Christy – Savannah, Georgia
Blaine, B. Christy – Brunswick, Georgia
Boland, Ernest P. – Athens, Georgia
Brown, Robert K. – Smyrna, Georgia
Burke, James A. – Calhoun, Georgia
Calabro, Larry – Georgia
Cannon, Steven J. – Peachtree City, Georgia
Cline, Joseph W. – Georgia
Collar, Richard E. Jr. – Snellville, Georgia
David, Larry James – Maysville, Georgia
Deal, Robert D. – Savannah, Georgia
DuBois, Samuel Max – Savannah, Georgia
Dupuy, William Arley – Fort Gordon, Georgia
Eaton, Leon E. – Stone Mountain, Georgia
Franklin, Claudie Hershel – Warner Robins, Georgia
Good, Kenneth R. – Martinez, Georgia
Gross, Peter A. – Clayton, Georgia
Harris, Henry T. – Columbus, Georgia
Hill, Paul B. – Warner Robins, Georgia
Hodges, Thomas Daniel – Winder, Georgia
Jenette, Herman Jr. – Conyers, Georgia
Jones, Carl Robert – Ft. Gordon, Georgia
Kennedy, Daniel W. – Atlanta, Georgia
Kirksey, George Jackson – Albany, Georgia
Kreil, William G. – Columbus, Georgia
Mattice, Kenneth Edwin – Flowery Branch, Georgia
Moore, Frederick Andrew – Dearing, Georgia
Moore, Kathlene G. – Dearing, Georgia
Oconnor, Rory J. – Morrow, Georgia
Omahen, Alan Lee – Lithonia, Georgia
Palmer, Thomas – Jonesboro, Georgia
Rhymer, Earl Andrew – Augusta, Georgia
Rivers, Randle G. –  Georgia
Rodgers, James S. – Maysville, Georgia
Rosenberg, Irvin I. – Atlanta, Georgia
Ross, James G. – Marietta, Georgia
Shirley, Robert L. – Marietta, Georgia
Sills, Milton Harold – Pooler, Georgia
Speice, Howard W. – Stone Mountain, Georgia
Sprinkle, Robert Mason – Augusta, Georgia
Sumler, Roger Lee – Calhoun, Georgia
Tomczak, William Alfred – Ft. Gordon, Georgia
Williams, Arthur Cornelius – Atlanta, Georgia
Willis, Abrom – Warner Robins, Georgia
Willis, Terrell – Blakely, Georgia
Youngblood, Russell D. – Blue Ridge, Georgia
Zegel, John C. – Tucker, Georgia


Green, William L. – Honolulu, Hawaii
Kubic, Jerome W. – Barber’s Point, Hawaii
Kamp, Michael William – Schofield Brooks, Hawaii
Hale, James A. – Oahu, Hawaii
Dunham, Edward P. – Wahiawa, Hawaii
Dunham, Edward P. – Wheeler AFB, Hawaii
Strain, Gary L. – Honolulu, Hawaii
Tyler, William M., Maui, Hawaii
Wilson, Dale Edmund – Honolulu, Hawaii
Zottoli, Joseph – Honolulu, Hawaii


Arnold, Larren Bybee – Boise, Idaho
Belmer, Donald D. – Payette, Idaho
Christy, Vaughn Mckay – Lewiston, Idaho
Deyarmin, William A. – Lewiston, Idaho
Elliott, Robert Francis – Boise, Idaho
Frisbie, Vincent Paul – Kellogg, Idaho
Hagen, Bill J. – Nampa, Idaho
Higley, Douglass Lee – Payette, Idaho
Keheley, James E. – Boisey, Idaho
Kelso, Barry Claney – Boise, Idaho
Krigbaum, Arthur N. – Boise, Idaho
Murray, Jared C. – Rexburg, Idaho
Nelson, Keven B. – Idaho Falls, Idaho
Powell, James L. – Meridian, Idaho
Pringle, Barry Charles – St.maries, Idaho
Schmidt, James Phillip – Caldwell, Idaho
Schmidt, James Phillip – Wilder, Idaho
Spencer, Sidney L. – Rexburg, Idaho
Swanson, Mark A. – Shelley, Idaho
Vetro, James – Idaho
Willie, Fred L. – Montpelier, Idaho


Allen, Lawrence N. – Chicago, Illinois
Altomere, Joseph F. – Springfield, Illinois
Bailey, Ralph – Alton, Illinois
Bailey, Ralph – Benld, Illinois
Baker, Gilbert – Chicago, Illinois
Bardy, Michael J. – Norridge, Illinois
Baxter, Jack L. – New Milford, Illinois
Bischoff, Jimmie J. – Chicago, Illinois
Bogart, Bradley – Chicago, Illinois
Brown, Gerald L. – St Anne, Illinois
Burch, Barney – Moscoutah, Illinois
Burke, Tom M. – Bensenville, Illinois
Burns, Robert W. – Chicago, Illinois
Buzzek, David J. – Chicago, Illinois
Cardemas, Mario Joseph – West Beverly, Illinois
Clayton, W Dean – Dekalb, Illinois
Conekin, Albert M. – Marion, Illinois
Cote, Alfred Francis – Chicago, Illinois
Cunningham, Carl – Illinois
Cunningham, Howard – Walnut Hill, Illinois
Daniels, Vernon R. – Cherry Valley, Illinois
Davis, Harold E. – Sterling, Illinois
Decesare, Robert F. – Villa Park, Illinois
Dine, Daniel Russell – Wood River, Illinois
Dole, Edward J. – Cambridge, Illinois
Emanuelson, Arthur R. – Wheaton, Illinois
Emmons, Paul R. – Decatur, Illinois
Evans, Richard Allen – Decatur, Illinois
Fanning, John Wood – Park Ridge, Illinois
Farrell, Frank A. – Carpentersville, Illinois
Farrell, Patrick C. – Joliet, Illinois
Findlan, Glen – Peoria, Illinois
Findlay, Gary L. – Carol Stream, Illinois
Flosi, Gregory J. – Round Lake, Illinois
Flosi, Gregory J. – Lindenhurst, Illinois
Fox, Alan L. – Galesburg, Illinois
Frankenfield, Robert C. – Little Grassy Lake, Illinois
Frankenfield, Robert C. – West Franfort, Illinois
Fugate, Charles F. – Chicago, Illinois
Gaither, Robert Carroll – Greenfield, Illinois
Gebes, Ralph Edwin – Batavia, Illinois
Gilman, David L. – Peoria, Illinois
Goodman, Lester L. Sr. – Waterloo, Illinois
Grooms, Morris W. – Carlyle, Illinois
Haber, Robert M. – Rockford, Illinois
Hacker, Thomas E. – Oak Lawn, Illinois
Hacker, Thomas E. – Arlington Heights, Illinois
Hale, Gwenn – Chicago, Illinois
Hall, Gary W. – Chicago, Illinois
Hallquist, Gene – Rockford, Illinois
Harkness, Ned M. – Arlington Heights, Illinois
Harris, J D. – Maywood, Illinois
Harrison, Richard – Decatur, Illinois
Harvey, John – Chicago, Illinois
Helms, Charles David – South Elgin, Illinois
Hemley, Daniel R. – Joliet, Illinois
Hill, Alfred – Chicago, Illinois
Hosch, Michael James – Hoopeston, Illinois
Hunter, John K. – Waukegan, Illinois
Jackson, Donald Lee – Rockford, Illinois
Janiak, Thomas A. – Hickory Hills, Illinois
Jarman, Gerald Roger – Rockford, Illinois
Johnson, Daniel W. – Glenview, Illinois
Johnson, Harry L. – Decatur, Illinois
Johnson, Warren Leslie – Taylorville, Illinois
Jones, Charles Frank – Chicago, Illinois
Keyes, Alan G. – Naperville, Illinois
Koefoot, Paul Scott – Evanston, Illinois
Lambert, Robert A. – Depue, Illinois
Lamont, Charles A. – Decatur, Illinois
Lankton, James R. – Peoria, Illinois
Laroche, Michael James – Quincy, Illinois
Lee, Lester D. – Charleston, Illinois
Lemp, James Michael – Granite City, Illinois
Madigan, Glen A. – Elgin, Illinois
Margrave, Gerald E. – Rockford, Illinois
Martz, Keith A. – Forreston, Illinois
Matheny, Donald W. – La Grange, Illinois
Merkel, Stephen J. – Naperville, Illinois
Meyer, James M. – Jacksonville, Illinois
Michell, David H. – Westmont, Illinois
Miller, George R. – Belvidere, Illinois
Miller, Howard Frank – Chicago, Illinois
Mohr, Johnnie L. – Reynolds, Illinois
Monroe, Gary L. – Wood Dale, Illinois
Morris, Frank H. – St. Joseph, Illinois
Morrison, Lenny M. – Belleville, Illinois
Morton, Robert Joseph – Chicago, Illinois
Mosi, Osayimwese A. – Urbana, Illinois
Oliva, Rudy T. – Chicago
Overturf, James E. – Willow Springs, Illinois
Parthun, Wayne Earle – La Grange Park, Illinois
Pence, Edward A. – Chicago, Illinois
Petitt, Alan J. – Batavia, Illinois
Petrauskas, Thomas J. – Chicago, Illinois
Phillips, Roy E. – Rockford, Illinois
Presson, Rex D. – Marion, Illinois
Riffe, David Michael – Rochelle, Illinois
Radloff, Gary L. – East Dubugue, Illinois
Ruch, Kerry S. – Naperville, Illinois
Sample, Robert C. – Wood Dale, Illinois
Sandage, Terry L. – Machesney Park, Illinois
Sanford, John Lloyd – Springfield, Illinois
Scanlan, Robert H. – Downers Grove, Illinois
Schindler, Robert Andrew – Oak Park, Illinois
Schon, Fred Eugene II – St. Charles, Illinois
Schroeder, Alan J. – Frankfort, Illinois
Schulz, Kenneth E. – Rockford, Illinois
Shadden, Gary L. – Crystal Lake, Illinois
Sheffel, Joel H. – Chicago, Illinois
Shinn, Lawrence E. – Quincy, Illinois
Shoemaker, Phillip – Arlington Heights, Illinois
Smith, Brian Lynn – Decatur, Illinois
Spreitler, Michael R. – Red Bud, Illinois
Stensland, Donald – Chicago, Illinois
Stephenson, Steve – Chicago, Illinois
Taylor, Christopher – Dekalb, Illinois
Theis, Farrell J. – Westmont, Illinois
Tillman, John Adcox – Highland Park, Illinois
Troyer, Duane Dale – Minier, Illinois
Varner, Gerald W. – Coal Valley, Illinois
Veline, Dale D. – Rockford, Illinois
Volkmar, Arnold A. – Greenville, Illinois
Votava, Thomas – Cicero, Illinois
Warner, Tom – Atwood, Illinois
Weber, Gregg D. – Riverton, Illinois
Wechter, Paul Robert – Cicero, Illinois
Weglarz, Patrick A. – Chicago, Illinois
Wells, Fred – Freeport, Illinois
Whalen, Thomas M. – Chicago, Illinois
White, Donald Lee – Fairview Heights, Illinois
Wishnie, Joseph B. – Chicago, Illinois
Zak, John – Chicago, Illinois


Alter, Michael R. – Rushville, Indiana
Armstrong, James Elmer – Greentown, Indiana
Baton, Jay A. – Kokomo, Indiana
Bliley, John Joseph – South Bend, Indiana
Boyer, Ronald Dean – Indianapolis, Indiana
Brinkman, Charles – Indianapolis, Indiana
Brooks, Danny Edward – Petersburg, Indiana
Cometto, Nick I. – Cedar Lake, Indiana
Dierker, George A. – Lafayette, Indiana
Duncan, Donald G. – West Lafayette, Indiana
Dyson, Ralph Porter – Wabash, Indiana
Elmquist, Edward S. – Nugger, Indiana
Estes, Alonzo E. – Evansville, Indiana
Evans, Richard Allen – Hammond, Indiana
Fish, Lloyd W. – Plymouth, Indiana
Golding, Ronald F. – North Judson, Indiana
Goodwin, James – Indianapolis, Indiana
Hall, Daniel Albert – Charleston, Indiana
Hanson, James A. – Russiaville, Indiana
Harper, Michael L. – Bloomington, Indiana
Heflin, Robert C. – Noblesville, Indiana
Helms, Dennis – Indianapolis, Indiana
Horrall, Steve R. – Wheatland, Indiana
Hunsberger, Craig C. – Kokomo, Indiana
Keaton, Robert Jeff – Indianapolis, Indiana
Lenwell, John – Terre Haute, Indiana
Mckinlay, Lavon – Gary, Indiana
Merila, Richard E. – Indianapolis, Indiana
Merritt, Randall B. – Indianapolis, Indiana
Miles, Donald E. – Washington, Indiana
Mondary, Roy E. – Jasonville, Indiana
Myers, Elmer Earl – Rushville, Indiana
Neftzger, Joe N. – Michigan City, Indiana
Ormond, David Michael – Evansville, Indiana
Parker, Rolland Keith – Boone Groove, Indiana
Rhodes, Joel Danzler – Indianapolis, Indiana
Rickman, Myron J. – Marion, Indiana
Sanders, Troy L. – Gary, Indiana
Schafer, John C. – Speedway, Indiana
Schwier, Mark V. – Zionsville, Indiana
Shafer, Ralph L. – Kokomo, Indiana
Short, Mark Thomas – Millersburg, Indiana
Smith, Lafayette B. – Muncie, Indiana
Strong, Randle G. – Indianapolis, Indiana
Tannehill, Thomas M. – Indianapolis, Indiana
Taylor, Eugene Eldridge – Muncie, Indiana
Tobias, Glenn Richard – Lynn, Indiana
Van Tyle, Thomas E. – Russiaville, Indiana
Vernon, Russell H. – Muncie, Indiana
Warren, Lowell Dean – Marion, Indiana
Whittenburg, John Casher – Muncie, Indiana
Wojtan, Thomas J. – Hobart, Indiana
Wrobel, Donald E. – South Bend, Indiana
Young, Gene R. – Indiana


Armstrong, Vaughn A. – Leon, Iowa
Bush, Leavitt L. – Colesburg, Iowa
Carter, John F. – Manson, Iowa
Ewalt, Allen Clarence – Green Mountain, Iowa
Gregory, Don J. – Bettendorf, Iowa
Griffith, Robert A. – Marion, Iowa
Hess, Terry – Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Horowitz, Alan J. – Iowa City, Iowa
Hutcheson, Robert M. – Wilton, Iowa
Jarvill, Larry – Iowa City, Iowa
Jarvill, Larry – Coralville, Iowa
Jasper, James Lewis – Fort Dodge, Iowa
Krakow, Kenneth J. – Dubuque, Iowa
Lundell, David E. – Bettendorf, Iowa
Nicholson, Dennis D. – Cedar Falls, Iowa
Novac, Robert J. – Ankeny, Iowa
Phipps, Walter J. – West Des Moines, Iowa
Poland, James A. – Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Pollock, Richard Lee – Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Putney, Robert E. – Urbandale, Iowa
Randall, Daniel M. – Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Reinbold, Gilbert A. – Smithland, Iowa
Roth, Ben J. – Dubuque, Iowa
Shadle, James L. – Waterloo, Iowa
Smith, Michael Finley – Lorimor, Iowa
Smith, Michael Finley – Murray, Iowa
Smith, Ted Allen – Eldora, Iowa
Swentik, Donald A. – Fort Madison, Iowa
Tillman, John E. – Dubuque, Iowa
Zahn, Frank Roy – Waterloo, Iowa


Ashworth, Gerald – Wichita, Kansas
Blauvelt, Henry H. – Kansas City, Kansas
Boewe, Robert A. – Wichita, Kansas
Burris, William Alva – Wichita, Kansas
Capra, John R. – Olathe, Kansas
Carlson, Melvin Douglas – Salina, Kansas
Curtiss, Charles P. – Derby, Kansas
Curtiss, Charles P. – Wichita, Kansas
Deane, Jay W. – Kansas City, Kansas
Drummond, L.Z. – Paola, Kansas
Forsythe, James A. – Overland Park, Kansas
Goatley, William H. – Arkansas City, Kansas
Goddard, Jack O. – Manhattan, Kansas
Hillard, Robert L. – Newton, Kansas
Hunnicutt, Troy Wayne – Wichita, Kansas
Hurst, David M. – Wichita, Kansas
Jackson, James D. – Kansas City, Kansas
Joy, Michael R. – Wichita, Kansas
Kieffer, Mark W. – Haysville, Kansas
Lambert, Marvin L. – Wichita, Kansas
Merlau, Edson – Hoisington, Kansas
Montague, Jeff – Topeka, Kansas
Reeves, George W. Jr. – Wichita, Kansas
Shrimplin, John E. – Sublette, Kansas
Skinner, Larry D. – Wichita, Kansas
Tinkham, Ken – Leavenworth, Kansas
Vick, Earl W. – Salina, Kansas


Boggess, Michael Kendrick – Ashland, Kentucky
Broddle, Robert O. – Madisonville, Kentucky
Carl, Coley T. – Earlington, Kentucky
Dudenhoeffer, Kirk – Bellevue, Kentucky
Dunn, Robert Arnold – Louisville, Kentucky
Fleming, Timothy L. – Louisville, Kentucky
Gehly, Theodore E. – Radcliff, Kentucky
Gilpin, Joel – Ashland, Kentucky
Hepburn, William D. – Lexington, Kentucky
Horrall, Steve R. – Benton, Kentucky
Jaggers, Mark Aaron – Bowling Green, Kentucky
Keen, William C. – Newport, Kentucky
Kidd, Lawrence Paul – Wilmore, Kentucky
Newman, Daniel Keith – Covington, Kentucky
Parrish, Monroe – Louisville, Kentucky
Philpott, James – Louisville, Kentucky
Robinson, David W. – Murray, Kentucky
Weeter, John C. – Louisville, Kentucky
Wintz, Jerry D. – Louisville, Kentucky


Adams, Steve Allen – Schriever, Louisiana
Blevins, John Irvin Baynard – Alexandria, Louisiana
Benoit, Ronald – Lake Charles, Louisiana
Bivins, Lewis T. – Monroe, Louisiana
Briggs, Walter E. – Downsville, Louisiana
Cortez, Stephen Joseph – Vidalia, Louisiana
Cramer, Harry – New Orleans, Louisiana
Debose, Michael Ray – Many, Louisiana
Garrison, Dennis – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Guillet, John Shelton – Lafayette, Louisiana
Halvorsen, Richard Stanley – New Orleans, Louisiana
Johnson, Leonard C. – Alexandria, Louisiana
Johnson, Trois E. – New Orleans, Louisiana
Jones, Theron A. – Alexandria, Louisiana
Judd, Bobby – Jennings, Louisiana
Kee, Norman Hoyt – West Monroe, Louisiana
Keyes, Wayne Michael – Haughton, Louisiana
Knox, Bob – Lake Charles, Louisiana
Ledezma, Alberto J. – Alexandria, Louisiana
Legare, William R. – Lake Charles, Louisiana
Martin, Robert A. – Shreveport, Louisiana
Murphree, Casey – Monroe, Louisiana
O’Donnell, Cornelius J. – New Orleans, Louisiana
Oubre, Beatrice T. – Morgan City, Louisiana
Oubre, Kenneth Michael – Gonzalez, Louisiana
Parsons, Karolyn – Haughton, Louisiana
Primeaux, Whitney Joseph – New Orleans, Louisiana
Rice, Fred L. – W Monroe, Louisiana
Richard, Larry – Gonzales, Louisiana
Rollins, Louis B. – Belle Chase, Louisiana
Sullivan, Don M. – Bogalusa, Louisiana
Tardo, Joseph P. – New Orleans, Louisiana
Tinker, Frank E. – Springhill, Louisiana
White, David D. – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Woodall, Raymond – New Orleans, Louisiana
Young, Tommy Fletcher Jr. – West Monroe, Louisiana


Arevalo, Marcos Adrian – Mexico City, Maine
Bailey, Harold E. – Bucks Port, Maine
Baker, Charles S. – Shirley Mills, Maine
Brown, William B. – Westbrook, Maine
Brunette, David J. – Kittery, Maine
Burr, Peter H. – Kennebunk, Maine
Comer, Martin J. – Bangor, Maine
Conrad, Alfred J. – Augusta, Maine
Corbley, Robert K. – Kc, Maine
Cram, Fred A. – Casco, Maine
Currier, Hazen James – Labanon, Maine
Fogarty, Bernard N. – Saco, Maine
Graves, Gene Vincent – Mars Hill, Maine
Kanes, Douglas F. – Molunkus, Maine
Macleod, James A. – Brunswick, Maine
Nickerson, William H. – Livermore Falls, Maine
Parent, Timothy D. – Rumford, Maine
Porter, Malcolm W. – W. Farmington, Maine
Sykes, Paul E. – Raymond, Maine
Teel, Randall L. – Dryden, Maine
Tripp, Glendon E. – New Vineyard, Maine
Turmenne, David J. – Auburn, Maine


Alexander, Arthur W. – Brinklow, Maryland
Bauman, Robert E. – Easton, Maryland
Borelli, John Keith – Fruitland, Maryland
Brownscombe, Tom – Hyattsville, Maryland
Burkhardt, Richard – Westminster, Maryland
Carrigan, Harry B. – Baltimore, Maryland
Culver, David Allen – Elkton, Maryland
Dibartolomeo, Joseph A. – Baltimore, Maryland
Digiacomo, Michael A. – Reisterstown, Maryland
Ebberts, Fred Thomas – Funkstown, Maryland
Freeman, Robert Walker – Severna Park, Maryland
Fulton, Charles H. – Leonardtown, Maryland
Griffin, Eric – Arnold, Maryland
Hall, Kenneth E. – Westminster, Maryland
Horowitz, Alan J. – Smithsburg, Maryland
Jones, Alfred M. – Odenton, Maryland
Jury, Larry B. – Frederick, Maryland
Knowlton, James – Hollywood, Maryland
Lawrence, T Franklin – Baltimore, Maryland
Lilley, Joseph K. – Aberdeen, Maryland
Longo, Robert John – Rockville, Maryland
Lucas, Randy R. – Oakland, Maryland
Manning, Donald W. Sr. – Okland, Maryland
Manning, Roberta M. – Oakland, Maryland
Margulies, Arthur D. – Cumberland, Maryland
Monahan, John Joseph – Cumberland, Maryland
Murray, Harold J. – Hagerstown, Maryland
Neufeld, Harold A. – Frederick, Maryland
Pennington, David M. – Elkton, Maryland
Privette, Ernest T. – Clarksburg, Maryland
Rankin, David MacDonald – Adelphi, Maryland
Rhodes, Howard Alan Jr. – Annapolis, Maryland
Robinson, Richard L. – Elkton, Maryland
Ruggeri, Anthony Francis – Lanham, Maryland
Santini, Anthony Michael – Riverdale, Maryland
Shilling, Joseph Randolph – Hagerstown, Maryland
Shusta, Leo J. – Baltimore, Maryland
Simmons, John Wesley – Kent Village, Maryland
Skrutskie, John J. – Wheaton, Maryland
Stabile, Joseph L. – Baltimore, Maryland
Staten, Ralph Randolph – Baltimore, Maryland
Tietz, Fredric A. – Bethesda, Maryland
Thompson, Charles Philip – Silver Spring, Maryland
Tross, William Haskins – Westminster, Maryland
Weeks, George N. – Federalsburg, Maryland
Welsh, Taunton – Baltimore, Maryland
White, Theodore W. – Leonardtown, Maryland
Woodford, Michael Grant – Bowie, Maryland


Allen, Jeffrey – Worcester, Massachusetts
Auclair, James Andrew – Groveland, Massachusetts
Bishop, Edward – Acton, Massachusetts
Breen, Robert E. – Lynn, Massachusetts
Brehaut, Lawrence O. – Wakefield, Massachusetts
Brown, Edward C. – Worcester, Massachusetts
Bulshey, Mark T. – North Adams, Massachusetts
Butler, Frank J. – Chester, Massachusetts
Capasso, Conrad T. – Haverhill, Massachusetts
Chappell, Maurice S. – Brockton, Massachusetts
Conti, Steven A. – Burlington, Massachusetts
Cooney, James J. – Westport, Massachusetts
Cooper, Brian R. – Lancaster, Massachusetts
Costa, George A. – Duxbury, Massachusetts
Damon, Farnham W. – Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Daniels, Robert – South Darmouth, Massachusetts
Darby, Ernest M. – Andover, Massachusetts
DeMelia, James – Marlborough, Massachusetts
Dickenson, George Henri – Arlington, Massachusetts
Doley, Kenneth P. – Springfield, Massachusetts
Dowdle, J Reed – Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Erwin, Michael J. – Carver, Massachusetts
Estey, Scott Cecil – Brookline, Massachusetts
Fannon, Walter – South Boston, Massachusetts
Farrar, Alden R. – Ayer, Massachusetts
Farrell, William J. – Dorchester, Massachusetts
Fidler, Raymond F. Jr. – Somerville, Massachusetts
Freitas, John J. III – North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Galbraith, Bruce – Northfield, Massachusetts
Gardner, Richard E. – Weymouth, Massachusetts
Gardner, Edward M. – Marion, Massachusetts
Gates, Richard D. – Worcester, Massachusetts
Gill, Robert W. – Berlin, Massachusetts
Gladden, A Lee – Danvers, Massachusetts
Grady, Daniel T. – Worcester, Massachusetts
Hallisey, David A. – Marlborough, Massachusetts
Hightower, Paul A. – South Boston, Massachusetts
Jutras, David L. – Somerville, Massachusetts
Kelleher, Dale Mathew – South Attleboro, Massachusetts
Kruger, Donn W. – East Pepperell, Massachusetts
Lachapelle, Richard A. – North Andover, Massachusetts
Leavis, John C. – Hudson, Massachusetts
Lewis, Robert P. – Quincy, Massachusetts
L’Heureux, Cleophus B. – Duxbury, Massachusetts
Long, Lauri B. – Templeton, Massachusetts
Lovell, Jeffrie H. – Milford, Massachusetts
Lydon, Robert – South Boston, Massachusetts
Macdonald, Brian – Hanson, Massachusetts
MacGregor, George W. Jr. – Worcester, Massachusetts
Maitland, Frederick R. – Lowell, Massachusetts
Mares, Manuel A. – Brighton, Massachusetts
Massey, Kenneth – Stoughton, Massachusetts
Mathews, Robert – Andover, Massachusetts
McDonnell, David M. – Needham, Massachusetts
McElreath, Richard L. – Whitinsville, Massachusetts
McRobbie, Daniel R. – North Andover, Massachusetts
Middlemiss, Ernest R. – Lawrence, Massachusetts
Moore, Daniel J. – Boylston, Massachusetts
Morin, Alfred – Worcester, Massachusetts
Morley, Robert Nelson – Brighton, Massachusetts
Mosher, Reginald – Springfield, Massachusetts
Nathan, Paul Marshall – Brookline, Massachusetts
Norton, Roger B. – Woronoco, Massachusetts
Pulling, Aubrey – Auburn, Massachusetts
Reynolds, Charles E. Jr. – Medford, Massachusetts
Rileigh, Charles E. – Cambridge, Massachusetts
Roberts, Matthew – Worcester, Massachusetts
Rudolph, Mark H. – Westwood, Massachusetts
Savastano, John – Rochester, Massachusetts
Shanklin, Earl J. – Springfield, Massachusetts
Sherman, Robert John – Framingham, Massachusetts
Silveria, Jose M. – Lawrence, Massachusetts
Smith, David A. – Hull, Massachusetts
Stidsen, Larry D. – Worcester, Massachusetts
Stone, Walter N. – Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Symonds, David Michael – Leominster, Massachusetts
Thomson, Lincoln T. – Boston, Massachusetts
Tinker, Ralph Irving – Uxbridge, Massachusetts
Tomlin, Paul C. – Worcester, Massachusetts
Ward, Steven J. – Swansea, Massachusetts
Winch, Daniel H. – Ware, Massachusetts
Zabek, Robert – Worcester, Massachusetts


Anderson, William J. – Windsor, Michigan
Ayotte, Wilfred J. – Ishpeming, Michigan
Backoff, John A. – Boyne, Michigan
Blondin, Guy P. – Vernon, Michigan
Bornschein, Joseph John Jr. – Bellaire, Michigan
Bradley, Michael T. – Ortonville, Michigan
Brown, Douglas Lee – Dearborn, Michigan
Burnett, Robert Benjamin – Saint Louis, Michigan
Bushard, Donald E. – Eagle, Michigan
Chase, Herbert W. – Lansing, Michigan
Ciminskie, Theodore J. – Grand Rapids 4, Michigan
Ciotti, Henry Italo – Southgate, Michigan
Clark, David Earl – Utica, Michigan
Clutter, Elwin Dean – Battle Creek, Michigan
Coffman, Douglas J. – Portage, Michigan
Cohoon, Leo – Shepherd, Michigan
Collier, Robert E. – Owosso, Michigan
Conklin, Harry E. – Battle Creek, Michigan
Cooper, Samuel Lee – Detroit, Michigan
Corcoran, Vincent James – Edwardsburg, Michigan
Crooks, Dennis C. – Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan
Delong, Robert W. – Saginaw, Michigan
Devries, David A. – Grant, Michigan
Dudley, Shearon – Ypsilanti, Michigan
Eubank, James Harrell – Royal Oak, Michigan
Feindt, Kyle Fred – Birmingham, Michigan
Firestone, Thomas Leo – Lawton, Michigan
Francis, Jimmie Leroy II – Detroit, Michigan
Gesell, Robert William – Ann Arbor, Michigan
Giacalone, Michael – Detroit, Michigan
Gleason, Robert Walter – Jension, Michigan
Glover, Ernest – Shelby, Michigan
Goei, Howard – Wyoming, Michigan
Gorton, William – Wayne, Michigan
Gowing, Donald A. – Wacousta, Michigan
Gowing, Jeffrey Donald – Wacousta, Michigan

Gowing, Delmar B. – Eagle, Michigan
Groth, Peter J. – Marshall, Michigan
Harter, Dave – Battle Creek, Michigan
Hatcher, Robert Luther – Flint, Michigan
Henner, Robert Ray – Benton Harbor, Michigan
Henricksen, David O. – South Haven, Michigan
Hopgood, William – Mt. Clemens, Michigan
Howes, Douglas – Portage, Michigan
Kassel, Tony R. – Westland, Michigan
Kastura, George Josh – Newdort, Michigan
Kelsey, Louis Charles – Arcadia, Michigan
Kelto, Douglas Loren – Manitou Beach, Michigan
Keltz, Leo S. – Port Huron, Michigan
Kise, Walter – Moorhead, Michigan
Labeau, Gary M. – Wyandotte, Michigan
Lesh, David G. – Alanson, Michigan
Markinson, Karl H. – Livonia, Michigan
Martin, Michael James – Durano, Michigan
Miller, Phillip F. – Grands Rapids, Michigan
Miner, Gordon P. – Jackson Milhigan, Michigan
Newman, Edward Al
Newman, Robert E. – Livonia, Michigan
Overton, Michael J. – Mendon, Michigan
Parker, James Gilbert – Detroit 1, Michigan
Parks, Harold D.
Pepper, Floyd Milton – Highland Park, Michigan
Peterson, James – Onekama, Michigan
Pincomb, William T. – Vernon, Michigan
Purdy, Robert – Plainwell, Michigan
Quick, Richard J. – Clawson, Michigan
Radichel, Fred M. – Detroit, Michigan
Reeves, David Paul – Saginaw, Michigan
Rhodes, Terry James – Flint, Michigan
Roback, Roger – Grand Rapids, Michigan
Robins, Randi – Walled Lake, Michigan
Sawyer, David A. – Berkley, Michigan
Shepard, Larry William – Charlotte, Michigan
Simons, Harvey W. – Highland Park, Michigan
Smith, Kenneth L. – Birch Run, Michigan
Spangler, Michael C. – Rochester Hill, Michigan
Stout, James E. – Ypsilanti, Michigan
Sundling, Frederick L. – Saline, Michigan
Swearingen, Stephen H. – Kalmazaoo, Michigan
Swift, Robert E. – Mason, Michigan
Sykes, Robert James – Kincheloe, Michigan
Vehoski, Robert J. – Detroit, Michigan
Wadaga, Paul J. – Port Huron, Michigan
Waldo, Michael Lynn – Eagle, Michigan
Webb, Steven G. – Saline, Michigan
Weeks, J W. – Dearborn, Michigan
White, Robert E. – Detroit, Michigan
Whitlock, Robert N. – Wayne, Michigan
Wiggins, Tommie D. – Sault Ste Marie, Michigan
Williams, Gary Lee – Gowen, Michigan
Workman, James Hardy – Charlotte, Michigan
Yoder, Thomas M. – Burton, Michigan


Astleford, William Lawrence – Bloomington, Minnesota
Atkins, Lawrence M. – Faribault, Minnesota
Bartlett, James W. – S Minneapolis 19, Minnesota
Beardsley, David Jerome – St. Paul, Minnesota
Beck, Irving W. – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bobrowske, Kenneth John – Howard Lake, Minnesota
Bradley, Marlowe William – Madison Heights, Minnesota
Campina, David Ronald – Sauk Rapids, Minnesota
Carlson, Richard Butch – Bayport, Minnesota
Currie, Richard Eugene – Saint Paul, Minnesota
Enderle, Jay Ja – Perrette, Minnesota
Folley, Ernest John – Ramsey, Minnesota
Froehlig, James William – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gilbert, Robert H. – Eagan, Minnesota
Hokanson, Richard – Rochester, Minnesota
Keys, Donald Leonard – St. Paul, Minnesota
Koski, Martin R. – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kruse, Wesley A.
Levang, Paul E. – Mounds View, Minnesota
Maddox, Roger S. – Great Falls, Minnesota
Mcconahy, Malcolm Willis – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Melbourne, Patrick Joseph – Hastings, Minnesota
Messersmith, Robert – Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
Mooers, Howard T. – Wayzata, Minnesota
Noble, Martin Frederick – Brainerd, Minnesota
Novak, Roger – St Paul, Minnesota
Paech, Manfred Wolfgang – Ogilvie, Minnesota
Palank, Darrell – Chisago City, Minnesota
Permar, Ernest J. – International Falls, Minnesota
Perry, Merle G. Jr. – Swartz Creek, Minnesota
Pietz, Floyd Fenten – Apple Valley, Minnesota
Poncin, Gary C. – Windom, Minnesota
Repice, Joseph Peter MD – Winona, Minnesota
Robinson, Harlow D. – Rice, Minnesota
Rolloff, Gary Frederick – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Schmidt, James Wayne – Tipton, Minnesota
Smeby, Donald – Crystal, Minnesota
Sufka, Alfred J. – St. Cloud, Minnesota
Swendiman, Richard Fred – St. Paul, Minnesota
Tancabel, Mark L. – Chisholm, Minnesota
Tibbetts, Jack D. – Burnsville, Minnesota
Voll, Gerhard U.


Curry, William Neil – Petal, Mississippi
Deloach, G Lake – Greenwood, Mississippi
Henley, William Smallwood – Cleveland, Mississippi
Hibbard, James D. Jr. – Biloxi, Mississippi
Mathews, Robert – North Andover, Mississippi
Ocallaghan, Robert – Harvard, Mississippi
Peterson, Robert Martin – St Louis Park, Mississippi


Beckman, Jonathan Henry III – St. Louis, Missouri
Belke, Earl – Kansas City, Missouri
Bird, David Eugene – California, Missouri
Carmean, Clemens C. – Muskegan, Missouri
Cook, Steven L. – St Peters, Missouri
Cromer, Leonard A. – St. Louis, Missouri
Davidson, Eugene
Davis, D Leroy – St. Ann, Missouri
Densker, Donald – St. Louis, Missouri
Derby, Donald Ray – Kansas City, Missouri
Dobson, David Neal – Kansas City, Missouri
Dwyer, Joe T. – Gowee, Missouri
Enoch, Wesley G. – Raytown, Missouri
Every, Steve B. – Webster Groves, Missouri
Faubion, Joseph T. – Joseph City, Missouri
Fenton, David C. – Warrensburg, Missouri
Fields, Virgil Lynn – Smithville, Missouri
Fleer, Earl – Kansas City, Missouri
Gold, Thomas Hall – St Ann, Missouri
Gupton, Howard – Ballwin, Missouri
Harper, Robert
Hart, Joseph C. – St Louis, Missouri
Harvey, Edward L. – Tyrian, Missouri
Hawks, Vernon J. – Cameron, Missouri
Henne, David John – Saginaw, Missouri
Hoffelder, Douglas K. – St. Louis, Missouri
Jeanotte, Merlin E. – St Louis, Missouri
Jones, Dean – Memphis, Missouri
Jones, Sam C. – Kansas City, Missouri
Kelley, John J. – Hazelwood(st Louis County), Missouri
Kennedy, James A. – Kansas, Missouri
Kiger, Robert Orvel – Nevada, Missouri
Knoll, Kenneth J. – Elgin, Missouri
Koch, David F. – Frarmington, Missouri
Krechel, Thomas D. – Edmondson Terrace, Missouri
Lawson, George P. – Deckerville, Missouri
Leahy, Jonathan F. – Warrensburg, Missouri
Lewis, William – Excelsior Springs, Missouri
Lyon, Paul K.
Macha, Ernest J. – Grain Valley, Missouri
Mcclane, John C. – Joolin, Missouri
Mcreynolds, Steve – Carl Junction, Missouri
Miller, Dean O. – St Joseph, Missouri
Musser, John William – Kansas, Missouri
Nelson, David James – Kansas City, Missouri
Odell, Amos F. – Vassar, Missouri
Odell, Glen – Liberty, Missouri
Ogan, James E. – Chillicothe, Missouri
Overlin, Kim A. – Fort Leonard, Missouri
Palmer, Harry A. – Independence, Missouri
Phegley, Luvern W. – St. Louis, Missouri
Picon, Frank A. – Independence, Missouri
Pinson, David D. – Frederickstown, Missouri
Potter, Darrell G. – Noel, Missouri
Preze, Kipp – Kansas City, Missouri
Price, Vernon Lee – Odessa, Missouri
Purvis, Daniel K. – St. Joseph, Missouri
Reed, James William – Kansas, Missouri
Reed, Leo Anthony – Mehlville, Missouri
Remington, Rod L. – Neosho, Missouri
Rice, Richard A. – Independence, Missouri
Roberts, Jack K. – Liberty, Missouri
Sahrmann, David Louis – St Louis, Missouri
Sharp, John L. – Bland, Missouri
Shaw, Donald Ray – Willard, Missouri
Simon, Steven V. – Kansas City, Missouri
Smith, William O. – Grandview, Missouri
Stearns, John Michael – St Louis, Missouri
Stewart, Jack Z. – Kansas, Missouri
Strain, Larry W. – Kansas City, Missouri
Street, James D. – Kansas, Missouri
Tezon, Peter E. – Independence, Missouri
Walker, Walter L. – Webb City, Missouri
Wantuck, Robert L. – St Louis, Missouri
Wearing, Edward – Kansas City, Missouri
Williams, Terry L. – Mansas City, Missouri
Wilson, Gary Dean – Clinton, Missouri
Woods, Rolland L. – Independence, Missouri


Calvert, Patrick C. – Billings, Montana
Crist, Stephen D. – Arlee, Montana
Deck, James H. Jr.
Leininger, William H. – Elaispell, Montana
Leland, Edward L. Jr. – Billings, Montana
Mcbride, John D. – Libby, Montana
Pound, Harold – Cascade, Montana
Solis, Alex – Butte, Montana


Austin, David K. – Omaha, Nebraska
Bowen, Arvin R. – North Platte, Nebraska
Dimsha, Charles – Omaha, Nebraska
Fiehn, Larry O. – Lincoln, Nebraska
Fischbach, John E. – Lincoln, Nebraska
Griffin, Raymond G. – Omaha, Nebraska
Hauswirth, Norman E. – Omaha, Nebraska
Jellum, Patrick K. – Lincoln, Nebraska
Kalasky, James E. – Omaha, Nebraska
Latham, Richard William – Offutt, Nebraska
Linder, Arthur D. – Pattsmount, Nebraska
Lurz, Hank W.
Marshall, David Alan – Wilber, Nebraska
Ramos, David A. – Cmaha, Nebraska
Shockley, Douglas A. – Lincoln, Nebraska
Sievers, H Neil
Stewart, Robert Lee – Lincoln, Nebraska
Strickland, Thomas Jay – Beatrice, Nebraska
Sullivan, Larry John – Omaha, Nebraska
Tweedy, Mark A.


Anderson, Richard O. – Las Vegas, Nevada
Doran, Ernest P. – Sparks, Nevada
Duvan, James – North Las Vegas, Nevada
English, Donald Lee – Sparks, Nevada
Grassini, Randee E. – Carson City, Nevada
Jellum, Paul M. – Henderson, Nevada
Lieberman, Richard P. – Las Vegas, Nevada
Mclaughlin, Kevin J. – Fallon, Nevada
Mudge, Raymond – Reno, Nevada
Opfer, Ray – Reno, Nevada
Schilling, William S. – Las Vegas, Nevada
Stockmeier, Robert L. – Fallon, Nevada

New Hampshire

Bergeron, Wilfred H. – Rochester, New Hampshire
Bishop, Robert Frederick – Nashua, New Hampshire
Cote, John L. – Danville, New Hampshire
Demers, David C. – West Swanzey, New Hampshire
Doiron, Wilfred D. – Manchester, New Hampshire
Donahue, Daniel T. – Nashua, New Hampshire
Dubois, Richard A. – Montessori, New Hampshire
Fellows, Richard Carol – Plymouth, New Hampshire
Gregoire, James F. – Claremont, New Hampshire
Litteer, Robert – Laconia, New Hampshire
Oxton, Alfred J. – Gorham, New Hampshire
Ricker, William G. – Claremont, New Hampshire
Sheehan, William – Penacook, New Hampshire
Sherman, Robert John – North Woodstock, New Hampshire
Wood, Robert F. – Plaistow, New Hampshire

New Jersey

Abidiwan, Michael J. – Mutley, New Jersey
Azzalina, Tom – Belvidere, New Jersey
Bakelaar, John Philip – Highland Park, New Jersey
Bartiromo, Pasquale J. – Newark, New Jersey
Becker, Ronald A.
Bibeau, David A. – Albucuercue, New Jersey
Bischoff, Albert – Bergenfield, New Jersey
Blazer, William Henry – Wildwood Crest, New Jersey
Brewer, John – Wyckoff, New Jersey
Buttel, Vincent – Oak Ridge, New Jersey
Cathcart, Dieter – Maple Shade, New Jersey
Centrella, Cletus – W. Bearlin, New Jersey
Chiappini, William A. – Eqq Harbor, New Jersey
Codispoti, Charles Edward – Cedar Grove, New Jersey
Cooper, James E. – Paramus, New Jersey
Cramer, William N. – Sparta, New Jersey
Delgado, Ernie – Roswell, New Jersey
Dellomo, Brandon – Mays Landing, New Jersey
Deneke, John – Glen Rock, New Jersey
Diegelman, George J. – Egg Harbor, New Jersey
Donovan, William Edward – Bayonne, New Jersey
Dyson, David S. – Rancocas Woods, New Jersey
Enz, Paul J. – Belvidere, New Jersey
Farley, Joel Michael – West Milford Township, New Jersey

Fidler, Raymond F. – Edison, New Jersey
Fitzgerald, John T. – Barnegat, New Jersey
Flemming, Gregory – Mine Hill, New Jersey
Franklin, Roy A. – Lincoln Park, New Jersey
Galdon, Richard M. – Newark, New Jersey
Geiger, Richard Paul – Pleasantiville, New Jersey
Glazewski, Vincent W. – Hammonton, New Jersey
Goldstraw, John Edward – Mcguire Afb, New Jersey
Gooding, Alexander John – East Orange, New Jersey
Gromack, Gary – Hazlet, New Jersey
Grover, Peter J. – Trenton, New Jersey
Harkins, Michael J. – Albuquerque, New Jersey
Harper, Wallace George – East Brunswick, New Jersey
Helmlinger, Lawrence C. – Denville, New Jersey
Hollender, John F. Jr. – Mount Epharaim, New Jersey
Holzschuh, William Howard – Jackson, New Jersey
Hughes, Herman – Elizabeth, New Jersey
Iannuzzi, William – Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Jacoby, Robert J. – Teaneck, New Jersey
Karczewski, Julian A. – Ocean City, New Jersey
Kennedy, George Ivor – Albuquerque, New Jersey
Kistner, Peter
Koncz, Tibor J. – Avenel, New Jersey
Korman, John J. – Middlesex, New Jersey
Krajewski, Raymond – Jersey City, New Jersey
Lawlor, James – New Monmouth, New Jersey
Logan, William Lyle – Artesia, New Jersey
Martginetti, Bryan J. – Old Tappan, New Jersey
Mates, Robert – Fort Lee, New Jersey
Meisner, Lawrence – Sivler City, New Jersey
Meyer, Herman G. Jr. – Columbia, New Jersey
Oneal, John C. – Williamstown, New Jersey
Perrucci, Thomas J. – Mahwah, New Jersey
Pratt, William R. – Toms River, New Jersey
Ripley, Steven Michael – Maplewood, New Jersey
Rogers, Robert J.
Rossnick, Gerald H. – Bayonne, New Jersey
Sanchez, Paul – Santa Fe, New Jersey
Schumann, Robert James – Clarksburg, New Jersey
Schwartz, Louis – Maple Shade, New Jersey
Sewell, Jack E. – Clayton, New Jersey
Sileo, John – Nutley, New Jersey
Stokes, Paul Kenneth – East Orange, New Jersey
Swarthout, Arthur W. – Maplewood, New Jersey
Thiel, Joseph J. – North Brunswick, New Jersey
Vila, James Edward – Annandale, New Jersey
Wilson, Harry W.

New Mexico

Tully, Jerry Lee – Albuquerque, New Mexico

New York

Alberga, Karl A. – Schenectady, New York
Alexander Bero, Lewis John – Malone, New York
Anderson, Juan – Staten Island, New York
Aviles, William – Isabela, New York
Aycoth, Richard J. – Buffalo, New York
Aziz, Joel – New York, New York
Baalen, Henry Van Sr. – Northport, New York
Bains, Edward – Long Island City L, New York
Baker, William D. – Blasdell, New York
Balles, James Richard Jr. – Fredonia, New York
Barner, Jerry A. – Tully, New York
Barone, Richard V. – Amsterdam, New York
Bartlett, Don T. Jr. – New York, New York
Blakeslee, James L. – Rochester, New York
Boder, Donald M. – Huntington Station, New York
Bohrer, Paul J. – Troy, New York
Bouchard, Stephen C. – Rochester, New York
Boyle, Martin – Hewlett, New York
Bradford, Thomas Wayne – Central Islip, New York
Breglio, Robert J. – Staten Island, New York
Breyette, Edwin E. Sr. – Rochester, New York
Brown, John Henry – Russell, New York
Brown, Michael Raymond – Constantia, New York
Caron, Gerard N. – Oneida, New York
Carr, John J. – Jamesville, New York
Carson, Robert J. – Binghamton, New York
Chiappone, Alan M. – Syracuse, New York
Clark, Richard – Rochester, New York
Clark, Robert R. – Rochester, New York
Cleveland, Fred L. – Holley, New York
Condlin, Richard Allen – Waddington, New York
Coppedge, Errol L. – New York, New York
Corringham, Henry – Plainview, New York
Cousins, Joseph A. – Latham, New York
Culbertson, Raymond W. Jr. – Buffalo, New York
Damore, Robert F. – Mohegan Lake, New York
Davis, Francis Eugene – Walworth, New York
Davis, Kenneth W. Jr. – Ithaca, New York
Dean, Alan Miles – Marion, New York
Diaz, Robert – Staten Island, New York
Dickinson, Richard L. – Liverpool, New York
Diminuco, Frank G. – Syracuse, New York
Dingman, Kenneth Allan – Albion, New York
Diva, John – Wareham Height, New York
Dowey, Robert L. – Whitehall, New York
Duerr, Donald
Duncan, Frank Edward – Rochester, New York
Dunnigan, Daniel L. – Gorge, New York
Dupont, Lawrence J. – Schenectady, New York
Felker, Richard H. – Breesport, New York
Ferris, Elwood J. – Milton Point, Rye, New York
Filicia, Salvatore – Pulaski, New York
Fitch, Robert D. – Syracuse, New York
Foley, Warren R. – Baldwin, Long Island, New York
Fried, Samuel L. – Flushing, New York
Fross, James A. – Red Hook, New York
Gardner, Edward M. – Scarsdale, New York
Germeo, Gary R. – Holley, New York
Getman, Douglas G. – Lafargeville, New York
Gonzalez, Guillermo – Freeport, New York
Grace, John E. – Cheektowaga, New York
Graf, Peter D. – New York, New York
Halpern, Samuel Barry – New York, New York
Harper, Daniel – Rochester, New York
Heath, James L. – Binghamton, New York

Herbert, Donald J. – Syracuse, New York
Hills, Mark E. – Watkins Glen, New York
Hodge, Donald A. – Buffalo, New York
Hohl, Robert P. – Buffalo, New York
Hollenback, Kenneth – Syracuse, New York
Hooper, Jack – Endicott, New York
Hopkins, Robert James – Lee Center, New York
Hotchkiss, Harold – Ossining, New York
Howe, Darrald J. – Horseheads, New York
Hubert, Ronald – Brentwood, New York
Hughes, Tyrone Charles – Suffern, New York
Ingraham, Robert L. – Fort Ann, New York
Izzo, Robert – Hicksville, New York
Jerome Dedell, R Gary
Johnson, Leonard C. – Rome, New York
Jones, Timothy H. – Buffalo, New York
Jungers, Albert Kenneth – Milford, New York
Kablach, John E. – Apo, New York
Kaopuiki, George – Bath, New York
Kelly, Robert J. – Brooklyn, New York
King, David W. – Webster, New York
Knoer, Robert Harold – Buffalo, New York
Lamkin, Laverne S. – Corfu, New York
Laurent, David H. – Rochester, New York
Lewin, Richard E. – Vernon Center, New York
Lewis, James R. – Schenectady, New York
Malone, Matthew – Hempstead, New York
Mancuso, Patrick A. – Bronx, New York
Maniscalco, Leonard – N Babylon, New York
Martin, Richard Earl – West Seneca, New York
Mccadam, Paul – Plattsburth, New York
Mero, John A. Jr. – Warmen, New York
Merritt, Lowell L. – Corfu, New York
Methvin, Robert – Brooklyn, New York
Milczarek, Redacted L. – East Syracuse, New York
Miller, Eugene D. – Marion, New York
Modica, Freddie – Brooklyn, New York
Montgomery, John E. – Long Island, New York
Mooney, Michael – East Patchogue, New York
Morris, Ernest – Ny, New York
Moulton, John Dudley – Conthano, New York
Myhre, John E. – St Johnsville Ny, New York
Naffky, Peter – Tonawanda, New York
Nail, Douglas W. – Depew, New York
Nerau, Alan – Rochester, New York
Nolte, Joel – Middleburgh, New York
Noreau, Lawrence F. – Utica, New York
Noyes, Thomas E. – Elmira, New York
Ohara, Michael J. – Valley Stream, New York
Olaskowitz, Michael – New York, New York
Olivieri, Albert J. – Rochester, New York
Oman, William Woodrow – Boonville, New York
Orden, John Van – Brooklyn, New York
Orourke, William – Bronx, New York
Parker, William Charles – Medina, New York
Patnode, Joseph Lloyd – Tupper Lake, New York
Pederson, Hans – Rockaway Beach, New York
Pendleton, Jon Douglas – Hopewell Junction, New York
Piloco, Arthur – White Plains, New York
Porembski, Thomas – Maspeth, New York
Prior, Robert G. – Syracuse, New York
Pugh, David W. – Singhamton, New York
Pugh, Gordon – Manhasset, New York
Quintano, Arvin – Williston, New York
Reich, Lee A. – N. Pitcher, New York
Rex, John L. Jr. – Pittsford, New York
Rigby, David W. – Scarsdale, New York
Rocker, Sam W. – Utica, New York
Rodriguez, Edward A. – Brooklyn, New York
Rosbozom, John Anthony – Cohoes, New York
Rosenquist, John – New York, New York
Sanders, Mell J. – East Elmhurst, New York
Santinelli, David
Schneyer, Ronald W. – Brooklyn, New York
Shope, Gary C. – Elmira, New York
Sigmund, Frederick Jr. – New York, New York
Smith, James Warren – Morvia, New York
Smith, Reginald – Corona, New York
Sparks, Guy K. – Elmira, New York
Spear, Edward D. – Blooming Grove, New York
Steele, James H. – Oswego, New York
Steen, Darryl F. – Port Henry, New York
Steffen, Gary Lee – Syracuse, New York
Stella, John – Northport, New York
Strine, R Patterson – Middletown, New York
Stubbs, Donald J. – Rochester, New York
Talamo, Jack J. – Baldwinsville, New York
Tatu, Robert J. – Buffalo, New York
Teeling, Robert H. – Schenectady, New York
Temple, Robert Eugene – Syracuse, New York
Thorpe, Menica Oliver – Brooklyn, New York
Traver, Earl – Syracuse, New York
Van Luven, Daniel W.
Vonneida, Daryl E. – Montour Falls, New York
Walrath, Rodney Bruce – Watertown, New York
Ward, Timothy C. – Norwich, New York
Warner, Philip L. – Frewsburg, New York
Warwick, Alexander – New York, New York
Watson, Robert E. – Camp Drum, New York
Watterson, Richard Cremin – Germany, New York
Webb, Robert S. – Gouverneur, New York
White, Douglas Louis – Buffelo, New York
Whittington, Douglas D. – Buffalo, New York
Winner, Scott M. – Norwich, New York
Winters, William H. – Lockport, New York

North Carolina

Barton, James D. – Lexington, North Carolina
Brown, James Randolph – Walnut Cove, North Carolina
Bruskin, Robert H. – Ft. Bragg, North Carolina
Bumgarner, Mark F. – Lenoir, North Carolina
Burr, William J. – Richfield, North Carolina
Cameron, Talmond Morris
Case, Roy Lindsay – Summerfield, North Carolina
Clapp, Michael Stephen – High Point, North Carolina
Davis, James T. Jr. – Winster-salein, North Carolina
Delreal, Robert – Winston Salem, North Carolina
Emory, Ernest C. – Raleigh, North Carolina
Fisher, William H. – Reidsville, North Carolina
Fulbright, Ricky – Charlotte, North Carolina
Fultz, David M. – Greensboro, North Carolina
Gallick, Mark – Cary, North Carolina
Hardin, Terry
Haskett, Robbie C. – Lenoir, North Carolina
Haytock, Richard K. – Charlotte, North Carolina
Hester, Luther Wayne
Hicks, Kenneth Lamar – Pleasant Garden, North Carolina
Horton, John Edward – Winston-salem, North Carolina
Jacobs, Herbert Melton Jr. – Gastonia, North Carolina
Lewis, Thomas Benton – Burlington, North Carolina
Mccullough, Marion Edward – Charlotte, North Carolina
Mcfarland, Fred – Henderson, North Carolina
Menghi, Thomas J. – Frayettvill, North Carolina
Moffitt, David W. – Raleigh, North Carolina
Okerlund, Denes P. – Fayetteville, North Carolina
Parrish, Jerry Lee – Moncure, North Carolina
Pearson, Bobby Gene – Canton, North Carolina
Quillin, James H. Jr. – Willmington, North Carolina
Rapson, Eugene Willie – Kannapolis, North Carolina
Roberts, Douglas – Greensboro, North Carolina
Russell, Steve Alan – Trinity, North Carolina
Sheely, Alfred William – High Point, North Carolina
Singley, James L. – Tarhoro, North Carolina
Sowder, Gene Judson – Greensboro, North Carolina
Steinwinder, Harry L. – Spring Lake, North Carolina
Tenney, Edwin Lren – Garner, North Carolina
Vehaun, Redacted Marion – Burlington, North Carolina
Verheyen, Philippe F. – Winston Salem, North Carolina
Vernon, Rickey Martin – Winston Salem, North Carolina

North Dakota

Fried, Rienhold John – Minot, North Dakota
Garwood, Farnham R.
Knippel, Lawrence Arthur
Page, Dennis R. – Surrey, North Dakota


Aluise, Richard Augustus – Proctorville, Ohio
Ashbrook, Lester A. – Delaware, Ohio
Baker, Alan Douglas – Toledo, Ohio
Baker, John A. – Fairborn, Ohio
Ballard, Joseph C. – Cincinnati, Ohio
Barnhart, Thomas – Yosnagtown, Ohio
Beakes, John W. – Cincinnati 31, Ohio
Beck, Richard O. – Delware, Ohio
Becker, William N. – Cleveland, Ohio
Bell, Harry E. Jr. – Zanesville, Ohio
Betz, Donald L. – Hicksville, Ohio
Blough, Elmer L. – Smithville, Ohio
Blythe, Winston – Trotwood, Ohio
Bodak, James A. – Dorian, Ohio
Branyan, Larry Woodroe – Toledo, Ohio
Bristol, Robert W. – Akron, Ohio
Brown, John D. – Loveland, Ohio
Caldwell, William – East Liverpool, Ohio
Clayborne, Stewart – Cleveland, Ohio
Coleman, Ralph L. – Urbana, Ohio
Collins, Guy – Hamilton, Ohio
Cooke, Robert W. – Cincinnati, Ohio
Cordes, Kenneth M. – Cincinnati, Ohio
Cox, Marcus – Hillsboro, Ohio
Curren, Wayne – Marengo, Ohio
Dalton, Lee – Hiram, Ohio
Decker, David G. – Stow, Ohio
Denton, John K. – Warsaw, Ohio
Dittmar, Robert A. – Kettering, Ohio
Ditzler, Kenneth S. – Lorain, Ohio
Duckworth, John Edwin – Toledo, Ohio
Engle, William B. – Clyde, Ohio
Gallagher, Leonard S. – Cleveland, Ohio
Gibbens, Joseph E. Sr. – Louisville, Ohio
Glick, Joseph D. – Elyria, Ohio
Gloyd, Ralph R. – Ashuille, Ohio
Gruber, Richard J.
Hanrahan, Michael – Columbus, Ohio
Harris, Garrett L. – Nelsonville, Ohio
Haskamp, Dennis J. – Cleves, Ohio
Haugh, Fred – Cincinnati, Ohio
Hawks, Robert B. Jr. – Cleveland, Ohio
Highman, Michael Shriver – Columbus, Ohio
Horton, Gary R. – Toledo, Ohio
Huelsman, Robert Elmer – Cincinnati, Ohio
Johnson, John T. – Crambridge, Ohio
Jordan, Robert Lester – Sebring, Ohio
Kasek, Ronald J. – Austintown, Ohio
Kellar, Dennis E. – Barberton, Ohio
Keyes, James Thomas – By Village, Ohio
Kidd, Ronald – Loveland, Ohio
Kolp, Joseph P. Jr. – North Canton, Ohio
Kroyer, Douglas J.
Lambert, Howard K. – Lancaster, Ohio
Leckler, Kurt W. – Rocky River, Ohio
Maclardie, John Alfred – Kerrering, Ohio
Maegly, John E. Jr. – Kalida, Ohio
Mason, Richard – Whitehall, Ohio
Mathisen, Paul Gerhard – Bucyrus, Ohio
Mcgowan, Lawrence – Columbus, Ohio
Mclaughlin, Thomas L.
Michael, Raymond Porter – Springfield, Ohio
Miller, Dennis A. – Painesville, Ohio
Mitchell, Frank E. Jr. – Walbrdoo, Ohio
Moberly, John Thomas – Cicinnari, Ohio
Mollica, Byard J. – Medina, Ohio
Murray, Gerald F. Jr. – Toledo, Ohio
Nelson, David L. – Columbus, Ohio
Oborn, Edward Arthur – Arkon, Ohio
Poorman, John Paul – Cleveland(9), Ohio
Purtell, John R. – New Ari, Ohio
Randles, Merle R. – Dresden, Ohio
Ratchford, Richard W. – Canton, Ohio
Roach, Jon Kent – Woodsfield, Ohio
Rogers, David A. – Marion, Ohio
Schell, Donald L. – Whitehouse, Ohio
Schmutz, David J. – Cincinnati, Ohio
Schoedinger, Steven P. – Columbus, Ohio
Schultz, Joshua J. – Brander, Ohio
Sherrard, David – Lorain, Ohio
Shumway, Kenneth Karl – Coyahoga Falls, Ohio
Skol, Albert H. – Cleverland, Ohio
Slemmer, Robert Henry – Galion, Ohio
Smith, John Harold – Canton, Ohio
Smitty, Floyd – Maineyille, Ohio
Speer, Jerry Douglas – Columbus, Ohio
Steuart, William K. – East Cleveland, Ohio
Strausbach, William Fred – Xenia, Ohio
Stroup, Gary A. – Columbus, Ohio
Swearingen, David Van – Alliance, Ohio
Unklesbay, Paul J. – Massillon, Ohio
Van Allen, John Richard – Clyde, Ohio
Vanfossen, Ernest L. – East Sparta, Ohio
Vannoy, Roger D. – Akron, Ohio
Voorhees, David A. – Springield, Ohio
Wellborn, James A. – Cleveland, Ohio
Weniger, Robert L. – Cleveland, Ohio
White, Russell R. – Norwalk, Ohio
Whiton, Wayne William – Ammerst, Ohio
Williams, David T. – The Plains, Ohio
Wray, Ronald Russell – Springfield, Ohio
Zemanick, Kenneth – Homerville, Ohio
Zimmerman, Mark S. – F Remont, Ohio


Anderson, Frank R. – Grandfield, Oklahoma
Atteberry, Edsel Ray – Lawton, Oklahoma
Bahaus, Michael John – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Blaskovic, William E. – Weatherford, Oklahoma
Dhalluin, James T. Jr. – Seutinil, Oklahoma
Foster, Roland Daniel – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Gaston, William M. Sr. – Clinton Sherman AFB, Oklahoma
Hardesty, Mike D. – Stillwaster, Oklahoma
Herring, Neil Francis – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Magreevy, William D. – Eufaula, Oklahoma
Marlow, Morris Fredrick – Midwest City, Oklahoma
Mcclintock, Edward Leroy – Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Newman, George – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Nichols, Robert F. – Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
Payne, Larry James – Weatherford, Oklahoma
Reynolds, Robert E.
Steere, Thomas H. Jr. – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Summers, George – Lawton, Oklahoma
Verneuy, Melvin G. – Okinawa, Oklahoma
West, David Raymond – Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


Ady, Aard Bruce – Portland, Oregon
Backes, Richard Allen – Medford, Oregon
Bailey, Thomas Lee – Salem, Oregon
Benson, Gregory A. – Portland, Oregon
Brock, Shearon A. – Oregon City, Oregon
Brown, Ronald Lee – Eugene, Oregon
Coffey, John T. – Portland, Oregon
Dahlgren, Gary G. – Enterprise, Oregon
Daniel Patterson, William Ronald – Engle Point, Oregon
Drake, Douglas E. – Grants Pass, Oregon
Drake, Robert Fredrick – Grants Pass, Oregon
Drury, Kenneth James – Mckenzie Bridge, Oregon
Dykes, Timur V. – Portland, Oregon
Ewing, Robert Joseph – Florence, Oregon
Flemming, Jerrold S. – Eugene, Oregon
Francies, David John – Winston, Oregon
Frie, George O. Jr. – Portland, Oregon
Frost, Ronald R. – Powers, Oregon
Gagnier, Jack M. – Portland, Oregon
Gates, Kenneth – Gresham, Oregon
Grubbs, Robert Monroe – Portland, Oregon
Gunter, Gerald Wayne – Ashland, Oregon
Heagy, Steven Miles – Hillsboro, Oregon
Hester, Ferol Curtis – Eugene, Oregon
Hogan, James F. – Portland, Oregon
Jensen, Dick A. – Mcminnville, Oregon
Johnson, R Martin – Tigard, Oregon
Jones, Linford David – Salem, Oregon
Kennedy, David L. – Gresham, Oregon
Lantz, Kenneth Lee – Clackamas, Oregon
Lien, Howard Cameron Jr. – Medford, Oregon
Mathias, Franklin Leon – La Grande, Oregon
Mitchell, Jay Douglas – Grant Pass, Oregon
Peetz, James Frederick – Beauerton, Oregon
Reynolds, James T. – Mcminnville, Oregon
Richards, James Ross – Hillsboro, Oregon
Rise, James Martin – Portland, Oregon
Santy, Donald L.
Savard, James A. – Grents Pess, Oregon
Schaefer, Orren Glen – Astria, Oregon
Schuerman, Joseph Ray – Eugene, Oregon
Smith, Richard Herbert – Portland, Oregon
Sullivan, Michael Edward – Portland, Oregon
Tanzer, Francis J. – Oregon City, Oregon
Tobiassen, William E. – Corvallis, Oregon
Ward, Frank – Eastside, Oregon
Wellhausen, William George – Cave Junction, Oregon
Williams, Craig Langley – Portland, Oregon
Williams, Russ – Oregon City, Oregon
Wilson, Roy S. – Corvallis, Oregon


Anderson, Harry James – Cresson, Pennsylvania
Appler, Russell C. – Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Arce, Jesus Nathaniel – Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Bagshaw, Timothy J. – State College, Pennsylvania
Bailey, William N. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Barrett, Gordon R. Jr. – Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
Bath, Edward George Jr. – Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
Beasley, Matthew E. – Wellsville, Pennsylvania
Beatty, Rodger L. – Newport, Pennsylvania
Berry, Frank – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Boblitt, Allen L. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Brendel, David – Reading, Pennsylvania
Carloni, Louis D.
Carr, Richard B. – Oreland, Pennsylvania
Casey, Joseph G. – Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Cherry, Robert L. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Choate, Craig Dexter – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Clark, Arthur F. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Clark, Frederick Eugene – Hanover, Pennsylvania
Cook, John Charles – Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Culhane, Bonnie J. – Annville, Pennsylvania
Deputy, Edward E. – Reading, Pennsylvania
Devine, James – Leyittown, Pennsylvania
Donovan, Francis B. – Shamokin, Pennsylvania
Dreisbach, Edward L. – Falls, Pennsylvania
Drummond, Brian – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Drzewinkski, Edward A. – Clintonville, Pennsylvania
Dufour, Peter J.
Ellis, David L. – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Embly, Kristofer J. – Maytown, Pennsylvania
Eshelman, Kenneth L. – Littitz, Pennsylvania
Espenlaub, William Eugene – Altoona, Pennsylvania
Ettwein, Joseph S. – Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Ferguson, Samuel – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fertal, Robert E. – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Fetzer, Alvie H. Jr. – Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Flavin, Michael L. – Arnold, Pennsylvania
Focaccio, Frank Robert – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fonzo, Gerald A. – Exeter, Pennsylvania
Gallagher, Michael P. – Broomall, Pennsylvania
, Robert Gallardi – Pittsboro, Pennsylvania
Garland, Levi – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Garris, Charles Wayne – Indiana, Pennsylvania
Geiter, Dennis C. – Lancaster, Pennsylvania
George, Owen Ronald – Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Giammarino, Frank Michael – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Gibson, Donald Eugene – Roaring Springs, Pennsylvania
Gibson, Gerald W. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Gourley, William E. – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Hamm, Richard G. – Altoona, Pennsylvania
Hardiman, Martin C. – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Henrikson, Robert C. – Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania
Herring, David Thomas – Erie, Pennsylvania
Hinton, Darryl Keith – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Holtzman, Harry Patrick – Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Huyett, Thomas W. – Reading, Pennsylvania
Jackson, James Juan – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jeffries, Walter J. – Allentown, Pennsylvania
Kimble, John Edward – Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania
Kisthart, Larry W. – Catasaugua, Pennsylvania
Kost, Lawrence A. – Shenandoah, Pennsylvania
Kramer, George Edward III – Meachnicsburg, Pennsylvania
Kriner, Kevin George – Emporium, Pennsylvania
Kuhn, Kyle S. – Catesville, Pennsylvania
Kunkel, James A. – Honey Brook, Pennsylvania
Leiter, Harold E. Jr. – Lewistown, Pennsylvania
Lindenmuth, Richard F. – Allentown, Pennsylvania
Lissanski, James – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Longeway, Brian Paul – Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Martindale, William Ben – Quarryville, Pennsylvania
Maxson, Bradley – Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania
Memmo, Paul – Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
Mione, Anthony – Tower City, Pennsylvania
Morrison, James Randolph – Leola, Pennsylvania
Mossburg, Philip L. III – Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania
Mougakos, Milton Peter – Secane, Pennsylvania
Murphy, Austin D. – Merion Station, Pennsylvania
Myers, John H. – Trooper, Pennsylvania
Napier, Frank – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Newman, Emanuel – Ayncote, Pennsylvania
Niedringhaus, William – Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
Nonclerg, Michael D. – Waterford, Pennsylvania
Novak, David A. – Windber, Pennsylvania
Nugent, Samuel J. – Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania
Oboyle, James J. – Rockville, Pennsylvania
Otte, Albert William – Butler, Pennsylvania
Piper, John L. – Kittanning, Pennsylvania
Pitman, Lester R. – Chalfont, Pennsylvania
Pyatt, Michael J. – Philadelpia, Pennsylvania
Quinn, Michael – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rader, Thomas E. – Farrell, Pennsylvania
Ricci, John Stephen – Enon Valley, Pennsylvania
Rickert, Scott A. – Douglassville, Pennsylvania
Riner, Richard L. – Prospect Park, Pennsylvania
Roberts, John W. – Coal Center, Pennsylvania
Saunders, John G. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Seaman, John Wilber – Herrisburg, Pennsylvania
Shedloskey, George – Windber, Pennsylvania
Shuty, Jeffery – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sieke, John Eric – Souderton, Pennsylvania
Sill, Lynn – Cory, Pennsylvania
Smedley, John Joseph – Aston, Pennsylvania
Smith, Raymond H. – Mcdonald, Pennsylvania
Spangenburg, Jay George – Conyngham, Pennsylvania
Stettenbauer, Jack Henry – Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Stonier, Jess – Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Suggs, Herman Jr. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sweeney, William J. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Symons, William Lee – New Tripoli, Pennsylvania
Tebbs, Albert H. – Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
Thorpe, William James – West Chester, Pennsylvania
Tompkins, John R. – Nottingham, Pennsylvania
Toner, Richard J. – Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
Tracy, Gregory E. – Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Updyke, Robert B. – Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Venett, Ross A. – State College, Pennsylvania
Verney, Douglas Geoffrey – Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Wakely, Lawrence – Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Waller, Donald Kay – Honesdale, Pennsylvania
Watson, James H. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wertman, Donald – Norristown, Pennsylvania
Whitenight, Ronnie D. – Berwick, Pennsylvania
Wingard, Stephen Edward – Summerville, Pennsylvania
Winslow, William H. – Broomall, Pennsylvania
Wolfe, Larry Henry – Butler, Pennsylvania
Zeart, Dewey J. – Berwick, Pennsylvania

Puerto Rico

Feliciano, Eladio J. – Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Rivera, Eduardo Pabon – Ponce, Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

Bartlett, Jeffrey A. – Providence, Rhode Island
Beargeon, Bonnie F. – Providence, Rhode Island
Connell, John D. – Harrisville, Rhode Island
Crepean, Ronald F. – Wonosocket, Rhode Island

Jette, Regis – Cumberland, Rhode Island
Joynes, Ronald – Barrington, Rhode Island
Kempf, Jack J. – Providence, Rhode Island
Lagrave, Leonard – Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Lazzareschi, William
Leach, Henry
Mccaffrey, Elmer E. – Providence, Rhode Island
Mink, Albert – North Scituate, Rhode Island
Yates, John A. – Providece, Rhode Island

South Carolina

Carver, Timothy G. – Sereca, South Carolina
Chapman, John F. – Liberty, South Carolina
Dozier, John Ben – Florence, South Carolina
Easley, James J. – Greenville, South Carolina
Garland, John Duckworth – Hartsville, South Carolina
Macemore, Robert E. – Columbia, South Carolina
Menius, E Flynn Jr. – Hartsville, South Carolina
Mixon, Larry W. – Spartanburg, South Carolina
Orman, Ernest Nestor – Florence, South Carolina
Otuell, Antonio Louis – Origins Chanlatte, South Carolina
Pelkey, Giles – W Columbia, South Carolina
Scott, Ronald Christopher – Columbia, South Carolina
Snow, Ronald E. – Taylors, South Carolina
Sprott, Rodney M. – Sumter, South Carolina
White, Michael E. – Seneca, South Carolina
Willock, Lloyd L. – Columbia, South Carolina

South Dakota

Childs, George – Rapid City, South Dakota
Lawrence, Raymond Gw – Edgemont, South Dakota
Webner, John D. Jr. – Ekksworth Air Force Base, South Dakota


Beasley, Steven D. – Guild, Tennessee
Bethany, Jacob H. – Kingsport, Tennessee
Bowden, Robert Crawford – Nashville, Tennessee
Cadle, Wade S. – Knoxville, Tennessee
Chappell, Everett A. – Hashville, Tennessee
Cox, Thomas R. – Maryville, Tennessee
Davis, Samuel D. – Powell, Tennessee
Evans, Stanley Thomas Sr. – Memphis, Tennessee
Gunter, Riley Wayne – Memphis, Tennessee
Jones, John Arthur – Paris, Tennessee
Kozel, John Nelson Sr. – Nashville, Tennessee
Lewis, James B. – Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Mitchell, Albert T. – Cross Plains, Tennessee
Nichols, Gene E. – White Bluff, Tennessee
Pace, Roy K. – Madison, Tennessee
Parker, Fred W. – Strawberry Plains, Tennessee
Richey, Kenneth Daniel – White Pine, Tennessee
Rinehart, Victor K. – Smyrna, Tennessee
Talley, Neal – Memphis, Tennessee
Williams, James H.


Abney, Herbert Taylor – Dallas, Texas
Adams, Joel Ray – Houston, Texas
Adams, Oatley F. – Houston, Texas
Ahern, Stephen Edward – Killeen, Texas
Albrecht, Gene – Houston, Texas
Albright, Michael F. – Dallas, Texas
Alford, Kenneth Lyle – Odessa, Texas
Argyris, Alexander Dalton – Austin, Texas
Artusy, Willard Henry – Sunrise Beach, Texas
Bailey, Michael Edward – Dalls, Texas
Beaudoin, Lindley – Lubbock, Texas
Bendler, Clifford – Marble Falls, Texas
Bjorklund, Jimmie E. – Houston, Texas
Blacklock, Russell – Dallas, Texas
Boardman, James E. – Ft Hood, Texas
Bobo, Gene Paul – Big Springs, Texas
Bolog, Richard V. – Austin, Texas
Branham, Robert Jason – Fort Worth, Texas
Bump, Jeffery Lloyd – Crockett, Texas
Burnett, Jimmy D. – Pampa, Texas
Bussey, Ronald Eugene – Wichita Falls, Texas
Butler, Keven – Mineola, Texas
Cagle, Robert J. – Rockwall, Texas
Callahan, Bruce K. – Wichita Falls, Texas
Carlisle, Randolph – Midlothian, Texas
Chandler, Oliver Carl – San Angelo, Texas
Chrystie, James W. – Arlington, Texas
Clark, Kenneth – Canyon Lake Tx, Texas
Clark, Kenneth Leon – Nederland, Texas
Cochnauer, Michael D. – Elysian Fields, Texas
Crowder, David V. Sr. – Cedar Park, Texas
Cunyus, David Wayne – Stephenville, Texas
Daves, Donald Bert – Orange, Texas
Davis, Gerald L. – Irving, Texas
Dejean, Prescott Louis – Port O’connor, Texas
Denison, Joe Dan – Lancaster, Texas
Diaz, Felix – San Antonio, Texas
Dickens, David Kimbel – Bryan, Texas

Donahue, Edward Thomas Jr. – El Paso, Texas
Draper, John T. – Pasadena, Texas
Dugan, Mike J. – Austin, Texas
Dunn, Rayford T. – Hico, Texas
Estes, Melvin Christopher – Amarillo, Texas
Falcone, Eugene S. – El Paso, Texas
Finch, John E. – Killeen, Texas
Ford, William H. – Grand Prairie, Texas
Fox, Edgar L. – Quanah, Texas
Frantz, Gene – Ranger, Texas
Gallagher, Joseph J. – Midland, Texas
Goff, Floyd – Corpus Christi, Texas
Goodman, James E. – Orange, Texas
Goulet, William Edward – Lubbock, Texas
Griffeth, Richard J. – Mesquite, Texas
Grounds, David P. – Dallas, Texas
Haskett, Robert R. – Houston, Texas
Hawkins, Richard L. – Houston, Texas
Hensch, Rod – Dallas, Texas
Horn, Floyd Lorenz – Copperas Cove, Texas
Hoseck, Don Eugene – Mesquite, Texas
Howard, George James – Austin, Texas
Hughes, George Wayne – Canyon, Texas
Hutton, George – Sin Fottur, Texas
Jackson, David Marvin – Lubbock, Texas
Jackson, James W. – Austin, Texas
Jennings, Mark C. – Junction, Texas
Johnson, Frank Aubry – Odem, Texas
Johnson, Melvin Edward – Lone Star, Texas
Jr, Freddy Burger – Houston, Texas
Judd, Mack Arthur – Tnez, Texas
Kenneth, James W. – Austin, Texas
Lane, Jerry W.
Langford, John R. – Denton, Texas
Lassman, Jeffrey M. – Garland, Texas
Livingston, Ruben – Lubbock, Texas
Lovell, Dennis – San Antonio, Texas
Lowry, David P. – Granbury, Texas
Luckie, Richard M. – Corpus Christi, Texas
Lundy, Richard J. – Dallas, Texas
Lynch, Kenneth R. – Fort Worth, Texas
Mackey, John Michael – Irving, Texas
Maddox, Bruce W. – Helotes, Texas
Martin, Earl Dean – Amarillo, Texas
Martinez, Joe A. – Sugar Land, Texas
Mcduffie, Russell B.
Mcgilvray, David – Wichita Falls, Texas
Mcgrew, John E. – Dallas, Texas
Mcmillian, Frank Ray – Smithville, Texas
Mcmurry, Roger – Plainview, Texas
Means, Robert Ted – Lorenzo, Texas
Middleton, William – Arlington, Texas
Mills, William R. – Junction, Texas
Moos, Wayne C. – San Angelo, Texas
Narmi, Mark E. – Killeen, Texas
Nelson, States Lee – Benbrook, Texas
Newman, Robert R. – Longview, Texas
Nolte, Randy J. – Winters, Texas
Pearson, Kenneth Edwin – Waco, Texas
Perales, Amos M. – San Antonio, Texas
Phillips, Jeffrey Patrick – Houston, Texas
Pierson, Dewey N.
Pomeroy, Robert R. – Euless, Texas
Provost, Mitchell Peter – Fort Baliss, Texas
Purcell, Bobby Allen – Beaumont, Texas
Reeves, Robert – Garland, Texas
Reid, Larry W. – Cleburne, Texas
Rios, Edward T. – Killeen, Texas
Rohm, William W. – San Antonio, Texas
Roth, Glen Ray – Port Lavaca, Texas
Rowden, Gary Gene – Longview, Texas
Ruble, John B. – Dallas, Texas
Rumpff, Terry – Snyder, Texas
Samples, Doyle C. – Quinlan, Texas
Sartor, Thomas H. – Houston, Texas
Sawyer, Jeffrey Alan – Houston, Texas
Schneider, Leland Ward – Houston, Texas
Scott, James Larry – Houston, Texas
Scott, Randolph R. – Dallas, Texas
Seigler, Donald K. – Perryton, Texas
Sexton, Glen Howard – Houston, Texas
Sheedy, Willie C. – Uvalde, Texas
Silva, Julio H. – Houston, Texas
Skeeler, Frank W. – Orange, Texas
Smith, Howell A. – Arlington, Texas
Smith, James Dale – Frankston, Texas
Sollars, Rickey Lee – Seminole, Texas
Speed, Tommy – Graford, Texas
Stamps, Thomas Lynn – San Antonio, Texas
Stewart, John Leroy – Cleburne, Texas
Stone, William E. Jr. – Port Arthur, Texas
Story, James Harold – Dallas, Texas
Straney, Michael – Spring, Texas
Strauch, Otto – South Antonio, Texas
Thurman, Garrett N. – Tuscola, Texas
Thurman, Ray E. – Tyler, Texas
Turk, Michael A. – Lubbock, Texas
Vela, Herlin E. – San Antonio, Texas
Vines, Michael D. – San Antonio, Texas
Walker, Chalma Lee – Littlefield, Texas
Walker, Franklin K. – Canyon, Texas
Walker, Harry James – Montague, Texas
Walker, John L.
Walker, Steven Joseph – Beaumont, Texas
Ward, Vernon W. – Crowley, Texas
Wasden, Tj – Delles, Texas
West, James Francis – El Paso, Texas
Williams, Don – Springs, Texas
Winters, Eugene J. – Dallas, Texas
Wolfe, Edwin D. III – Belton, Texas
Young, Jimmy D. – Odessa, Texas
Young, John Philip Jr. – Del Rio, Texas
Ziegler, Herbert A. – Houston, Texas


Barber, Norman Carl – Layton, Utah
Burgie, Gerald W. – Ogden, Utah
Eames, Oliver D. – Farmington, Utah
Empey, Dennis J. – Provo, Utah
Erickson, Keith Duane – Salt Lake City, Utah
Graybill, Wayne – Salt Lake City, Utah
Hacking, Eric – Orem, Utah
Hamblin, Leroy B. – Kaysville, Utah
Harrison, Lynn W. – Ogden, Utah
Larsen, Michael L. – Sandy, Utah
Martin, David W. – Salt Lake, Utah
Maxfield, Norman – Clinton, Utah
Monroe, Wes D. – Kearns, Utah
Mortensen, Scotty Hyrum – Salt Lake City, Utah
Opfar, Thomas – Salt Lake City, Utah
Peterson, James R. – Orem, Utah
Price, Byard J. – Salt Lake City, Utah
Rimmasch, Phillip K. – Salt Lake City, Utah
Schliesser, George M. – Vernal, Utah
Stillman, Michael – Monroe, Utah
Stillwell, Robert David – South Salt Lake City, Utah
Tubbs, Robert – Ogden, Utah
Walles, Albert Anthony – Salt Lake City, Utah
Washburn, Allen B. – Orem, Utah
Williams, Keith G. – Clearfield, Utah


Blow, Harvey Louis – Shelburne, Vermont
Codling, Donald R. – Barre, Vermont
Comstock, John – St Alans, Vermont
Davis, Mark W.
Dow, John – South Burlington, Vermont
Graham, Richard N. – Bennington, Vermont
Guptil, Mark T. – Waterbury, Vermont
Moreau, William J. Jr. – Rutland, Vermont
Newcity, Randall – Barlyn Ton, Vermont
Riccio, James E.
Steadman, Warren E. – South Hero, Vermont
Wilkins, Ronald


Adkins, Royce Lee – Huntington, Virginia
Avant, Eric Patrick – Vriginia Bch, Virginia
Barton, Lynwood S. – Newport New, Virginia
Beard, Ronald – Alexandria, Virginia
Bittenbender, Keith L. – Reston, Virginia
Blackiston, John William Jr. – Salem, Virginia
Brooks, Allan L. – Goochland, Virginia
Coffey, Gilbert Martin – Blacksburg, Virginia
Culpepper, Linwood M. – Norfolk, Virginia
Disbennett, Terry D. – Norfolk, Virginia
Eck, Michael E. – Richmond, Virginia
Edmundson, Sean A. – Chesapeake, Virginia
Fleenor, Ernest Howard – Bristol, Virginia
Gardner, Keith M. – Viriginia Beach, Virginia
Garon, Peter P. – Virginia Beach, Virginia
Hall, William Henry – Richmond, Virginia
Hampton, Thomas B. – Richmond, Virginia
Hartley, James C. – Newport News, Virginia
Haynesworth, Josiah Edgar III – Stuarts Draft, Virginia
Hobson, Edward C. – Virginia Beach, Virginia
Humphries, David W. – Chesapeake, Virginia
Hungate, James M. – Roanoke, Virginia
Jamerson, Wilbur J. – Farmville, Virginia
Kelly, Max Cw – Rocky Mount, Virginia
Kidd, Lawrence Paul – Danville, Virginia
Kinney, Vernon C. – Norfolk, Virginia
Ladison, Michael E. – Norfolk, Virginia
Langley, William Lawrence – Atlantic, Virginia
Lawrence, Richard E. – Fairfax Station, Virginia
Mccalment, Robert S. – Springfield, Virginia
Miller, Alfred J. – Richmond, Virginia
Miller, Mark – Norfolk, Virginia
Opalinski, Leland – St. Paul, Virginia
Ostrowski, Theodore J. – Fredericksburg, Virginia
Overby, Archer R. – Narrows, Virginia
Pajot, John Walter – Newport News, Virginia
Parrott, Rowland M. – Richmond, Virginia
Pitz, Michael T. – Norfolk, Virginia
Pritchett, Pierre Lamont – Danville, Virginia
Rupert, Robert – Norfolk, Virginia
Stewart, Ronnie Van – Clarksburg, Virginia
Terry, Michael E. – Norfolk, Virginia
Toland, Ray B. – Reston, Virginia
Tyree, William Edward – Richomd, Virginia
Underwood, Robert James – Richmond, Virginia
Weakley, James O. III – Culpeper, Virginia
Wentz, George Whitfield – Norfolk, Virginia
Whitmer, Henry J. – Manassas, Virginia
Williams, Gregory Charles – Virginia Beach, Virginia
Wilson, Frederick Wayne – Wirtz, Virginia


Allen, Ronald William – Washougal, Washington
Barnes, Walter C. – Bellingham, Washington
Baugh, Denis – Pasco, Washington
Beck, Jerry William – Bremerton, Washington
Bilger, Mark William – Vancouver, Washington
Bradley, Joseph Polk – Bellingham, Washington
Briley, Donald M. – Spokane, Washington
Brock, Donald C. – Camas, Washington
Cormana, William R. – Spokane, Washington
Dilley, Richard L. – Seattle, Washington
Donaghe, Sam W. – Lacey, Washington
Downing, Daniel H. – Blaine, Washington
Dreher, Marty V. – Tacoma, Washington
Druxman, Ed – Colville, Washington
Dunkin, Mark Le – Snohomish, Washington
Evans, Jonathan W. – Kennewick, Washington
Ewalt, Allen – Everett, Washington
Fischer, Michael James – Spanaway, Washington
Grewe, Charles – Lake Stevens, Washington
Guzzone, John John – Renton, Washington
Hall, Victor John – Tacoma, Washington
Harkness, Drake – Acme, Washington
Hicks, Michael L. – Yakima, Washington
Howell, Redacted L. – Ellensburg, Washington
Jonasson, Richard C. – Seattle, Washington
Jones, Herbert Fh – Auburn, Washington
Klein, Steven C. – Seattle, Washington
Leard, Raymond D. – Port Angeles, Washington
Lemley, Robert C. – Spkane, Washington
Leppard, Ronald David – Vancouver, Washington
Letteer, Mark – Rochester, Washington
Loomis, Harold Wayne
Matlock, James R. – Snohomish, Washington
Mauch, Michael S. – Anacortes, Washington
Mclallen, Jerald A. – Kennenilk, Washington
Moore, Ralph Eugene – Everett, Washington
Newby, Rand Darrell – Washington, Washington
Newman, Christopher O. – Lynden, Washington
Noonan, John E. – Seattle, Washington
Osher, Richard E. – Everett, Washington
Petrie, John Phillip – Seattle, Washington
Phillips, Gary Brian
Potter, Kenneth Leroy – Tacoma, Washington
Puerner, Lester A. – Bremerton, Washington
Revals, Charles J. – Richland, Washington
Rothmeyer, Jody A. – Fpo Seattle, Washington
Sanderson Burgett, Howard Eugene – Seattle, Washington
Skoglund, Royce Arlen – Seattle, Washington
Stensland, Neil Francis – Redmond, Washington
Theel, John Richard – Lynden, Washington
Tisdale, Edgar A. – Tacoma, Washington
Vance, Donald W. – Vancouver, Washington
Whitchurch, Melvin James – Seattle, Washington
Wysong, Samuel Gerald – Seattle, Washington
Zook, Michael – Yakima, Washington

West Virginia

Brant, William Thomas – New Manchester, West Virginia
Church, James E.
French, John Eric – Martinsburg, West Virginia
Gower, John F. – Glendale, West Virginia
Kincaid, Edker – Welch, West Virginia
Neff, James L. – Charleston, West Virginia
Thornton, Peter B. – Williamstown, West Virginia


Ashmore, Travis Asbjorn – Madison, Wisconsin
Bartelt, Lavern J. – Janesville, Wisconsin
Boardman, Michael L. – Baloit, Wisconsin
Borchardt, Jerry A. – Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Bottesi, Dennis R. – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Campbell, Lee A. – Monroe, Wisconsin
Carter, Clemens George – Winnebago, Wisconsin
Coulter, Mark A. – Appleton, Wisconsin
Couvillion, William Robert – Green Bay, Wisconsin
Dennis, Mark A. – La Crosse, Wisconsin
Donelson, Floyd Dwight – Appleton, Wisconsin
Forsterling, Douglas C. – Elkhart, Wisconsin
Gort, Jack C. – Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Hahn, Larry R. – Apleton, Wisconsin
Hall, Lloyd M. – Racine, Wisconsin
Haynes, Alexander G. – Waukesha, Wisconsin
Heindl, Elwin F. – Hartland, Wisconsin
Hopkins, Timothy R. – Black River Falls, Wisconsin
Jensen, Eugene H. Sr. – Hanoyer, Wisconsin
July, John Paul – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Koehler, Robert J. – Kenosha, Wisconsin
Kowalski, Thomas H. – Greendale, Wisconsin
Kummer, Gerald William – West Allis, Wisconsin
Kunde, Royce W. – Milwauke, Wisconsin
Laehn, Ronald J. – Mondoui, Wisconsin
Larsen, Allen Gorden – Seymour, Wisconsin
Lawrence, Neil E. – Janesville, Wisconsin
Leight, Edward – Beloit W, Wisconsin
Litscher, Jerome C. – Appleton, Wisconsin
Lueck, George Collentine – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Nehring, Samuel Gordon
Nicoll, George T. Jr. – Kenosha, Wisconsin
Owens, Richard – Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Peot, Frank R. – Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Powers, John F. – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Prudlow, Patrick E. – Pewavree, Wisconsin
Razor, Jim – Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
Roenfanz, John – Green Bay, Wisconsin
Roswell, David – Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Smith, Robert M. – Shorewood, Wisconsin
Smith, William R. – Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Sorenson, Donald Lee – Menomonie, Wisconsin
Strobel, Ricky R. – Phelps, Wisconsin
Syring, David L. – Mosinee, Wisconsin
Treder, John P. – Waukesha, Wisconsin
Whipple, David – West Bend, Wisconsin
White, George A. – Waupaca, Wisconsin
Wicke, William – Green Bay, Wisconsin
Williamson, Kenneth E. – Green Bay, Wisconsin
Zenzen, Craig E. – Amery, Wisconsin


Martinez, Luciano Ernest – Greybull, Wyoming
Worcester, Jerry L. – Gillette, Wyoming

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center


63% of Sexual Assaults Go Unreported


91% of Sexual Assault Victims Are Women


9% of Sexual Assault Victims Are Men


80% of Victims Knew The Perpetrator