Amateur sports organizations offer young athletes opportunities to excel in physical endeavors. Unfortunately, they also offer sexual predators access to victims. Perhaps the most widely known sexual predator in sports is Larry Nassar. The former physician for the USA Gymnastics Team is accused of sexually abusing over three hundred women and girls during his tenure for the organization. While the duration and scope of his abuse are shocking, media reports continue to reveal sports officials who use their power to manipulate and victimize athletes in their charge. Because sports groups failed to prevent or intervene in these cases, many of the sexual perpetrators continued to offend for years.

The Protecting Youth Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act works to protect survivors while holding amateur sports organizations accountable for the sexual transgressions of their workers. If your sports organization failed to adequately respond to your claim of sexual abuse, please contact us to learn how civil law can help you obtain justice.

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center


63% of Sexual Assaults Go Unreported


91% of Sexual Assault Victims Are Women


9% of Sexual Assault Victims Are Men


80% of Victims Knew The Perpetrator