Sexual abuse or assault within the Catholic Church is nothing new. For hundreds of years, Catholic clergy have used their power and authority to sexually assault the most vulnerable members of their congregations: children. To this day, survivors of sexual assault who dare to speak up about their abuse are often met with disbelief, efforts to silence or minimize their claims, or further punishment. Church officials who receive reports of abuse or harassment perpetrated by clergy tend to ignore or cover up the reports, or simply reassign the accused to new parishes. While many sexual predators within the church remain free to continue their abuse, their victims are essentially abandoned. Left without resources for healing from their assaults or pursuing justice against their assailants, many of these sex abuse survivors spiral into depression, isolation, substance abuse, and suicidality.

Survivors of Catholic clergy abuse will not be silenced. In recent years, their voices have grown louder and stronger as they’ve shared their harrowing stories of unwanted sexual contact, with their communities, the media and the legal system. Are you or a family member a survivor of sexual harassment or assault by a priest, deacon, nun or other clergy member? Our attorneys are listening. If you would like to learn how we use the civil justice system to hold clergy and the Catholic church accountable for their abuses, please contact us for a free consultation.

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center


63% of Sexual Assaults Go Unreported


91% of Sexual Assault Victims Are Women


9% of Sexual Assault Victims Are Men


80% of Victims Knew The Perpetrator